Why I Don't Do Live Sound Very Often

mixing board

Reason #10
The exciting game of "find the working channels" – and don't even mention a patch bay.

Reason #9
Band member's significant other wants them louder.

Reason #8
Drunk people sitting in with the band.

Reason #7
The person who inevitably approaches me with mix suggestions that have no basis in reality.

Reason #6
Why can't you make this $200 crappy PA system both louder and cleaner?

Reason #5
You can run the video projector and handle the lights too can't you?

Reason #4
People who have no concept of mic technique and then complain about an erratic mix.

Reason #3
An acoustic group demands monitors in tiny room and then wonders why there's feedback.

Reason #2
The front of house position gets put behind the PA, followed by complaints about the mix.

Reason #1
Too late, too long, too loud, too little money.

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