Barry writes with a smooth, conversational authority that both demonstrates his mastery of his subject matter and imparts it easily to the reader. As an editor, I have found his suggestions and eye for detail invaluable. - Orren Merton, Acquisitions Editor, Cengage Learning PTR

Waves Plug-ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle

Waves Plug-in Workshop: Mixing By The Bundle

Look, it's great to get a stack of software that lets you do everything. But sometimes you need a guide or at least a frame within which to work.

My book, "Waves Plug-Ins Workshop: Mixing by the Bundle," gives you exactly that. It is a detailed look at each Waves bundle from basic to advanced in an easy, step-by-step format for each plug-in. Each chapter introduces a set of plug-ins and demonstrates how to apply them.

Downloadable individual audio tracks and plug-in presets accompany the text and allow the reader both a demonstration of the concepts and a sandbox within which to experiment.

Order a hardcopy at Amazon or buy the eBook at Barnes & Noble.

Check out the three different Waves webinars I conducted in conjunction with the book


Technical Editing

Because my decades of experience in virtually every aspect of music production bridging the shift from analog to digital, as a working musician, composer, engineer, producer, Mitch Gallagher and Bobby Owinski, among others, have called on me to verify the technical accuracy of their work.

NAMM Oddities

Namm Oddities

I spend much of my NAMM time poking into the small booths that can be found lurking in the darker corners of the show.

After attending the Winter NAMM show for a number of years, I'd noticed that the exhibitors seem to fall into two categories: the established company showing its new (and sometimes vaporous) products and the independent start-up company looking to be noticed by distributors, music stores, potential investors and the music press.

Many of the products from these companies were never seen the by the average visitor, sometimes because they only appealed to a small market, or because most people simply couldn't figure out what the hell they were supposed to do.

That isn't to say that these products are ill-conceived or poorly executed. It's just that sometimes they're, well, a little odd. This situation made me think that there ought to be a place for people to come to marvel and wonder at all of these products. Thus, the NAMM Oddities were born.

Border to Border

Border to Border

In the Fall of 2020 I spent six weeks bicyling solo down the Pacific coast, riding from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. I produced a photo essay of the trip.

Other Stuff


In addition, I have also has contributed to articles in Keyboard, Electronic Musician, and Home Recording magazines and have lectured on the subject of audio at Orange Coast College and Fullerton College.