What Barry did with my material was nothing short of a major miracle and an absolutely brilliant job! Now you can ask me: "so, who's your go-to mastering guy?" - Arthur Alexander, Artek Productions

Audio Post Production

When I do my job right you'll never notice it. You will simply be immersed and engaged by the visuals. I've done mixing for DVD projects, TV, and documentaries, like this mix for this CLIO award winning short, Selfie.


My studio is completely mobile. I do live location and studio work that ranges from basic stereo capture, to 20-channel full band tracking. Over more than twenty years recording The Hutchins Consort, I've developed some unique small ensemble micing techniques.

Mobile studio

Mixing & Mastering

I love challenge of mixing. Listening to where the soul of the song lies and building a compelling mix around it is very rewarding. I'm an adherent of the "less is more" maxim, except in cases where "more is more."

I've mastered hundreds of albums in just about every conceivable genre since I started professionally mastering in 1995. I'm a veteran of the loudness wars so I know how loud is too loud.

Mastering Credits

Recording, Mixing, Producing

Audio Post, Sound Design