Web Dev

Barry brings true web engineering to the project with his innovative approach and problem-solving strategies. His ability to work with absolute professionalism and minimal direction saves countless hours of unnecessary coaching and management. - Steven Ingram, Supersource Consulting

Start With What's Important

Websites are about communication. Before thinking about colors, images, or layout, these questions must be answered:

  • What is the goal of the website?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What message will resonate with that audience?

With these three pieces of information to inform me, I can build you an effective website.

Mobile First Development

Today's web is increasingly being accessed via mobile devices, which makes it critical that a site is designed so that it will load quickly and convey its message effectively via a small screen. I start by designing the site so that it works great on a phone and then I progressively add features as the display gets larger. As a graphic designer and a programmer, I have a unique ability to implement a vision that fluidly works on smartphones, desktops, and everything in between.

Full Stack Developer

My expertise with a wide range of web technologies allows me to use the technology most suited to accomplish the task at hand. I am well-versed with HTML, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Handlebars, CakePHP, CSS, SASS, MySQL, Webfonts, SVG, Apache, Linux, Joomla & Wordpress. Accessibility is an important part of today's web. With a little foresight your site can work well with assistive technologies such as screen readers so as not to exclude any visitors.

Gallery of Work

This gallery show examples of sites that I've designed. Many of them are presented showing how they display on desktops, tablets, and phones.