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The Lag strap on MIDI controller has all the features that you'd normally want to see: multiple ribbon/button modulation sources, 2 assignable output channels, 128 set up memory locations, flash ROM for online updates & a wireless MIDI transmission system. On top of all that it's beautifully crafted out of wood.

Lag Guitars
Bedarieux, France




I've been waiting for this, a big brother for the MC-303 Groove Box from Roland. The MC-505 addresses a number of shortcomings of the 303 by adding: multiple outputs, more processor horsepower, quicker access to parameters, full MIDI controller data transfer in and out, ADSR envelopes, 2MB & 4Mb memory cards and 64 voice capability. It's still sample-based and there's no plans (yet) to include any modeling technology.

One very interesting new feature is the new D-Beam controller. It is some sort of infrared beam that senses how far your hand is over the unit, this can be used as a modulation controller sent to filter cutoff, resonance, volume, and even tempo. Quite a live performance item.

Los Angeles, California, USA


If the current crop of analog modeling units aren't quite doing it for you then you'll want to see the Jomox SunSyn when it comes out (Q3 98). It's a real-live analog synth. It's an 8-voice unit with 4-pole filters, programmable modulation routing and something called RCO that lets you use complex digital waveforms in place of the standard waveforms.

JoMoX El. Musikinstrumente GmbH
2.HH Aufg.1 4.OG, Körtestr. 10
10967 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)30 / 61 70 25 73





OK, if the previous unit doesn't meet your expectations for true analog synthesis then you'd better like this. The fine people at Technosaurus have brought back from the mists of time, a real live modular analog synth. It's got all those things that you know and love (and hate) from the old Moog modulars. At the booth I heard a little repeating sequence that was slowly modulating and evolving the whole time I was there, it's truly the real deal.

If the modular system is more than your mind or bank account can handle you can pick up one of these little Microcon's. It's a single-voice CV/Gate controlled unit.

Burgdorf, Switzerland


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