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Thinking about doing the travelling minstrel thing? This system straps onto your case and you simply put it on like a backpack.



Attention: Gothic Bands
How can you resist this coffin-shaped guitar case? Complete with crushed velvet interior.

Coffin Case




The Double Whammy lets you choose between bending the top three, the bottom three or all of your strings. You can swing the upper whammy bar back so you can bend notes with your arm while you're picking. They have models that fit most guitars and they also have a whole slew of bass whammy's for various splits and string counts.

Vibro-Tek Industries
Surry, BC, Canada


Here is a new approach to the guitar intonation thing. The Earvana system uses a patented adjustable nut with their "looped fret" to provide better open and fretted tuning. If you do guitar set-up work you ought to find out more about this.

Templeton, California, USA




Here's a nice little guitar cable system that has a locking reel. You just pull it out and when you stop it locks, when you're done you do a little short pull and it reel the 20 foot cable back. You can attach this little item to the side of your amp and never have to worry about forgetting your cable. It doesn't use any sort of brush system so it's not prone to the noise that those typically generate.

Evenod Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Those of you who can never find a pick when you want one should check this out. It's a little leather pouch that hooks onto the shoulder strap peg at the bottom of your guitar and it holds four picks. It doesn't guarantee that you'll have a pick when you need one but it does improve the odds a little.

Pick Pockets
Atlanta, Georgia, USA




If you really care about the finish on your guitar you might be interested in "The Guitar Sleeve". One size fits all. It looks purple in the photo but it is actually black

La Manga, Inc.
PO Box 3042
Redondo Beach, California, 90277, USA
(310) 941-2213



If you have back or shoulder pain after playing guitar you want to check this out. It's a full strap system that distributes the weight over both shoulders. It's adjustable enough to accommodate most playing angles and is available for guitar, bass, banjo, percussion, sax and yes, even autoharp

La Mesa, California, USA




These little goodies are called Finger Taps. They are little metal caps that fit over your fingers and allow you get a hard slapping-like sound from guitar or bass. They also work as sort of universal-joint single-string slides. I picked up a pair of these to experiment with percussion, bass and Chapman Stick.

Grecco Manufacturing
Murray, Utah, USA



These guys have a whole line of old-school analog stomp boxes, the sound is great and they're made to withstand a medium-sized mortar shell. All that aside, how could you resist buying pedals with names like: Piercing Moose Octifuz, Tone Leper Mid Boost and Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz?

Way Huge Electronics
California, USA


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