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EPM had a couple of interesting items. The first was the beercap stick-on transducer. It should work on most acoustic instruments and you can get caps from virtually any Canadian beer on the market. The other item is the Quantum Pro acoustic guitar transducer system that includes a balanced output. This is nice for live stage work so that the guitar plugs in directly into the snake as opposed to guitar line out to the DI to the snake, in situations like this less is definitely more.

Engineered Products Marketing
St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada





The guys at this booth told me that Jeff "Skunk" Baxter looked at the Mr. Roadie amp stand and he immediately wanted to start selling them. They're sort of like jungle gyms for your amp. The amp sits on a bar that can be locked upright for travel and tilt back for playing. Along with the integral mic boom it makes for a tidy gig package. There is an optional soft cover or flight case cover that leave the wheels coming out of the bottom.
They also have a mic boom system where you attach a little plate to your amp and the little boom slides on saving you that mess of yet another mic base on stage.

Performing Musician Accessories
Windham, Maine, USA



If you want some color on stage this just might be the ticket for you, that is if you also want something that looks like a cross between and old radio and W.W.II submarine control station. These tube amps have spring reverbs included.

Speedster Amplifiers
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA




These are the Vero Amplifiers, these beautifully crafted amps work as well as furniture as they do as amps. As you can see from the photo they have sort of an art deco look. They aren't cheap though.

Vero Amplifiers
Joliet, Illinois, USA


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