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For the drummers who want to relax, the DrumFrame allows you to lock all of your hardware down, kick back, and play.

DrumFrame Ltd.
Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA


You know you've always wanted a translucent orange drum set… haven't you?

Fibes Drum Company
Austin, Texas, USA




Ever wanted to play double kick and use your high hat pedal at the same time? The Gemini 2-4-1 has two beaters that are played individually by pressing forward and by pressing back with your heel. Each action has it's own tension setting and the forward pedal flips back for easy access to the mounting hardware. With two of these gizmos and two kick drums you could even do quad-kick patterns.

Gemini Percussion Systems


This is the Coffee House Drum. Remo has taken this conga-like drum with two heads and they put an upward swinging kick pedal to beat on the bottom head.




This simple but effective system raises the kick drum so the beater strikes the kick dead center.

RSA Music Enterprises
New Almaden, California, USA


For those drummers and wannabe's that like to use pencils and pens as drums sticks can now use something a little more satisfying. The Pseudo Drumsticks are pen-like telescoping chrome-plated rubber-tipped well, pseudo drumsticks.

Pseudo Drumsticks
Palmdale, California, USA




This is something like an a-go-go bell with it's own spring reverb. I believe it's available from RhythmTech



These are great looking triggers, they've got a whole host of colors and shapes. They seemed to track nicely using a Roland V-Drum module. They also have a whole line of drums pads and accessories.

Georgia Music Distributors
Norcross, Georgia, USA



Zendrum While the Zendrum isn't new it's definitely odd. It has comprehensive MIDI routing and layering capabilities that make it a very powerful controller.


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