Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2017 Edition

Packrat Barry


It Came From the Junk Yard

I hope the drummer likes where all his drums are positioned because you'd need a welding torch to make adjustments.

Crush Drums

Cowbells Don't Grow on Trees

…or do they?

Latin Precussion

A Drumming Machine

Now we've come full circle and you can program beats that will be played on acoustic drums. I found the nuance to be a little lacking in the performance.

The X Factor

Meinl keeps pushing the envelope with the evolution of their Slap Top Cajón drum. It's changed a fair amount since I saw them in 2003.

Meinl USA

The Hex Factor

You could create a hexagonal grid of cymbals and really pack them in tightly. Don't ask me why you'd want to do that.

Sovereign Cymbals

Take the aFrame

This seems to play like the rare (and expensive) Korg Wavedrum. Rather than triggering samples, it's processing the sound that the player is generating.

Forged Credentials

I'm not a drummer so I was never privy to the secret technique required for proper stick twirling. With a set of these I could infiltrate the world of drummers and they would be none the wiser.


Percussion on Demand

All of the finished products that Schenll offers are 3D printed. This technology has gone from protyping to production pretty quickly.

Schnell Percussion

Beat It

Play percussive guitar technique without those pesky strings in the way.

Rozini Instrumentos Musicais

Tunable Tongues

With most tongue drums you're stuck with a specific tuning. Not so with the Sun Drum. Another of Valter's instruments, the aludu, makes an appearance toward the end of the video.

Hidden Art

At least the drummer will be able to see and appreciate a stylish beater. These are more than a pretty face, Low Boy offers two different weights and a felt or leather face as standard options.

Low Boy Beaters

Furniture For Drummers

Four cajón drums would complete this dining room set nicely.

Remo, Inc.

Mmmmm BopPad

The BopPad is one of the cooler drum pads that I've seen. The response was excellent and McMillen knows their stuff when it comes to controller interfacing. This one is going on my shopping list.

Keith McMillen Instruments

Follow the Bouncing Stick

The Tripstick kind of creates an acoustic delay by way of a balanced stick that bounces on the head. Changing the angle will change the speed of the bounces.

Non-Migratory Drums

The KickStrap is a simple solution to the problem of drums wandering off while you're playing them.

Benson Music

Groovy Sticks

Grooves work for all sorts of other things that require traction, why not drum sticks too?


Drummer Stocking Stuffers

What drummer wouldn't love to find a suction cup-mounted practice pad or lighted stick holder under the Christmas tree?


Trigger the World

You can place these two-piece magnetic triggers just about anywhere: on heads, shells, or just about any surface. The software allows you to set up sound zones for mutiple triggers on a single drum.

Rare Earth Dynamics

Precision Drumming

This looks like Tommy Ramone playing an ELP song.

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