Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2017 Edition

Packrat Barry



I can't decide which one of the swappable guitars is Nicolas Cage and which one is John Travolta.

Pons Guitars

Guitar Buffet

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and voila, you've got the guitar that you're hungry for right now.

Like Ordering Take Out

If you are particular about your order and always end up getting the same thing, this would be your guitar. They've got all sorts of mix and match options but unlike the previous entries, once it's built, it's not going to change.


U Got the Look

The quality and subtlety of Epilog's laser artwork keeps improving.

Epilog Laser

Beneficiary of Urban Decay

As bits of old Detroit come down, choice bits are turned into new guitars.

Wallace Detroit Guitars

Stand Alone Complexity

I would be hesitant to own a Tachikoma guitar, their AI was a bit too unpredictable.


Instant Busker

With on-board effects, and analog FET preamp, and dual speakers, all you need to supply is the talent and a hat.

ElectroPhonic Innovations

The Story of O

The story behind these guitars is much less risqué than my title belies.


Down the Rabbit Hole

It's pretty much a given that Minarik will be showing some masterpiece of inlay that will invariably get featured here.

Minarik Guitars


…like a bad prison tattoo.

Rock N Roll Relics

Messiah Complex Accessory

If you think you're the second coming of Hendrix, this crown of thorns guitar is just the thing to drive the (ahem) point home.

Warrior Instruments

Flintstones Meets Jetsons

The Boutique Guitar Showcase at NAMM made my life easier by concentrating much odd goodness in one spot.

Malinoski Guitar

Does This Guitar Make Me Look Fat?

Unless you've got that heroin chic look, the answer is probably "yes."

Didonato Guitars

Hello Dali

Giving these guitars an emphasized lute-like headstock would complete the Dali look.

Michihiro Matsuda Guitars

It's Alive!

This is just the sort of thing that warms my Oddity-seeking heart.

Pierrot's Nightmare

I don't normally create multiple entries for a given company but this is just too good not to share.

Spalt Instruments

Industrial Patriotism

These colors don't run because there aren't any.

McSwain Guitars

Yes, It Is Playable

The case for this guitar took more work to make than most guitars.

Andy Manson Custon Guitars

A Mae West Body

Just when you think that everything has been done with the basic hourglass guitar shape, someone comes along and makes an elegant guitar like this.

Frank Hartung Guitars

Tolkien Fan?

With a name like Morgoth Curse, and sporting Balrog pickups, I have no recourse but to say yes. This gets bonus odd points for having a true temperament neck.

Guilio Negrini Guitars

Eric the Half-a-Guitar

I think they should make a Travelcaster Convertible that comes with the rest of the body and a quick release mechanism.

Traveler Guitar

Initial Purchase

If your name is Marty Roberts, Mike Romano, Mark Russell, or an other name that share those initials, this is a guitar you should own.

Manuel Rodriguez and Sons, S. L.

Lava Drop, Lava Drop, Oh Lava Lava Lava

The Lava Drop X guitar is sweeter than candy on a stick.

Lava Guitars

Being Koi

The top guitar has a cool kind of Pacific Northwest Native/Japanese motif while the bottom one looks like it should be in a national park giftshop.

Luna Guitars

Better Get Vic a Straw

In the big picture of "selling out" I think having your band mascot on a beer bottle is hardly worth getting worked up over.

Megadeth Beer

Diamonds are a Strats Best Friend

If you took this guitar on tour you'd probably finish with something less than the 1000 diamonds you started with. That would make it even more challenging to make money touring.

Fender Custom Shop

So Very Groovy

You can take your pick between a guitar that looks like a custom van from the 70s, or a chromatic dragon.

D'Angelico Guitars

Flower Power

What do you expect from a bunch of freakin' hippies from Santa Cruz? Rick Turner does make some very nice guitars though.

Rick Turner Guitars

We Just Live In It

All of Ron Williams guitars sport one-of-a-kind paint jobs. I can only guess that these were comissioned by Cher after Past Life Regression therapy, and a fatalistic poker player.

Ronz World

The Roar of the Soul

Hopefully you don't die and find out that it was not a fierce creature, but the mouse that roared.

The ESP Guitar Company

The Nickel Tour

The Fender Custom Shop had quite a collection of guitars on display. None of them odd enough to warrant individual attention but too much good stuff to ignore.

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