Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2017 Edition

Packrat Barry

You Figure It Out

Recyclable Keyboard

This product is so environmentally conscious it is its own shipping box.


Everywhere? Really?

If it's a place where the sun doesn't shine, should there really be music there?


Safe and Sane

Either this guy has some Targaryen blood in him, or the pyrotechnic devices really aren't going to burn down the venue.


In a world plagued by audible click tracks, Brennerman restores silence to studios everywhere.


Zardoz on the Crew

I expected to see Sean Connery throwing rifles out of the mouth of this truss construct.

German Light Products

That's an Offensive Weapon, That is

You might not want to take this on a plane, I can just see the look of bewilderment when the TSA agent sees these on the scanner.


Almost Making a Keytar Cool

…almost. KeytarJeff shows us that indulgent guitar solos aren't just for guitar players any more.

Vinyl as it was Meant to be Heard

…through crappy little speakers.

Rock N Rolla

Safety First

Questionable fashion sense aside, this seems like a useful product for those who need to ship instruments.

Aeris Packaging

Jet Lag Victim

The complimentary bean bags claim yet another poor soul.

Jet Lag Victim

Smushy Stuff

I couldn't actually see the foot-controlled Smash Mouse in action because all they had was a non-working prototype. They did however have other things to step on.

No More Tent Forts

A vocal booth for one.

Isovox Sweden

Don't Worry, Be Hoppy

If a band doing a club tour were to have this van, they could make money on the road.

Stone Brewing

Cash For Cassettes

This is a good use for all those old cassette tapes you've got in a box in your garage.

Cash For Cassettes

Pixellated Audio

By making giant Lego versions of the speaker they're upping the relative resolution but they're probably only up to maybe 12 bits at best.


The Balls Have Dropped

And they ride right back up.

Thrift Store Amalgamations

Just because I can't think of any reason not to combine a drum, a clock and a vinyl album doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done.

Rocking The Clock

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