Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2017 Edition

Packrat Barry

Other Goodies

Telegraphing Your Moves

The music is found between the dots and dashes with this telegraph key kill switch pedal.


Hold That Thought

In another repurposing of unlikely hardware, the Plus Pedal uses a piano sustain pedal to "freeze" the audio so you can play over the top. It does a good job of detecting vibrato and trills and looping accordingly.

For the Nautically Inclined

There's got to be some rich yacht owner/guitar player that would pay top dollar for these one-of-a-kind "Old Ironsides" amps.

Fender Custom Shop

Choose the Hole Wisely

While not practical, if your nose was pierced these pick earrings could be nose picks.

Groovy Accents

More Clamps Than a Hardware Store

If you're going to have a booth at NAMM, it's not a good idea to use Google Translate for your signage text.


Mr. Snuffleupagus

The giant muppet may be the only competitor in the large and fuzzy category. Rainger decided to go large with the Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz that they showed last year.

Rainger FX

Event Horizon

It couldn't be a NAMM show without translucent products and oversized products. A giant translucent guitar would be my downfall because I wouldn't be able to escape its gravity.

Gravity Picks

Like Clockwork

Most of the gears on these were just glued on for decoration but they work on a few of these pedals.

Jam Pedals

The Annual Revolution

Every year there is a new pick unveiled at NAMM that will radically change the experience of using a pick. This is the entry for 2017. I've built quite a collection over the years and many of them are pretty cool.

Anatomy of Sound

Holy Guitar Pick Batman

Or maybe this is this year's revolutionary new pick. You decide.

Swiss Picks

Rock 'n Roller

It's not often that you see something new in the mechanical aspect of stomp boxes.

Classic Audio Effects

Clearly Superior

I was drawn to the translucent guitarish object but it was there to show off their tremolo system, which does look interesting.

Coherent Sound in Light

Beat It

You beat the strings and the product is called Triller. You get the joke right? This illustrates how explaining a joke is death for humor.

Guitar Triller

Wearing a Wire

Often the simplest solution is the best. You clip either end of the thin wire to your stand and keeps your music flat and the page open to where you want it.

Wind Wynder

8-Bit Power

Demeter built one of the TGA-1 pedalboard amps into a vintage Nintendo box.

Demeter Amplification

Pickup Lycanthropy

There is some sort of dark magic involved with this pickup system. You place a magnetized disc over the terminals and the pickup will change its characteristics.


On Beyond Drop Tuning

The Little Thunder pickup gives you a -1, or -2 octave shift to the bottom two (or three) strings and provides a separate output so the original pickup sound is preserved.

A Little Thunder, LLC

It's All in the Packaging

I didn't get to hear what these sound like but they sure are pretty.


The Eyes Have It

This wah pedal looks like it doesn't want you to step on it.

Jam Pedals

The Everlasting Gobstopper

These are completely software-driven pedals. You can download any of their processing models into the pedal and off you go.

Hotone Audio

More Pedal Hacking

A companion app allows you to upload selected effects algorithms to the Neuro pedals. Unlike the Hotone pedals, there are different Source Audio pedals that run "families" of algrothms. There's also a community for sharing presets.

Source Audio

Even More Pedal Hacking

The Mod Duo pedal can be programmed with MAX/MSP, Pure Data or Faust and they've a plug-in store with free and commercial offerings.

Musical Operating Devices

Only Crunchy Style Available

Joe Gore likes to rough things up. His whole pedal line revolves around fuzz, overdrive, and distortion of various flavors.

Joe Gore Guitar Pedals

The Real Deal

I noticed the signature API knobs on the LX bass and GT guitar DI pedals. I love all the API studio gear I've used over the years, I would expect these to not suck at all.


Instant Repair Stand

You could be a roving superhero with one of these rigs.

String Tech Workstations

History Speedrun

This is a short video of all of the pedals that Boss has ever made, in order of introduction.

Next Up: Percussion

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