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Gold Fish guitar

Gold Fish Guitar

Pignose was commissioned to build some guitars for Pepperidge Farm to commemorate their popular snack cracker "Goldfish." While I know that you might kill to own a guitar like this, you need to let it go, it was a one shot deal and this one is not for sale. You could always keep an eye on eBay…


DeGennaro front

Helping Hands Guitar

DeGennaro had a guitar that made the Oddities last year. They've outdone themselves this year. This was the most striking guitar that I saw at the show. They really need to pick up a strap from Eyeland to complete the effect.

DeGennaro Guitars

DeGennaro back


McSwain Guitars

I loved these metal-faced guitars, particularly the one with the old school meters embedded in it. The meters don't actually meter anything but they do light up and the needles are free swinging. Some of McSwain's work has appeared in the Schecter NAMM booth over the years.

McSwain Guitars
(844) 627-9246

McSwain Guitar


Kellett Guitar

Kellett Guitars

The last time I covered Kellett guitars in the Oddities was back in '99. Since then they have significantly improved their skills in anodizing aluminum.

P. K. Selective
415 Matthew Street
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Kellett Guitar


Santa and friends

Santa and Friends

This is the equivalent of a home run for the Oddities, four guitars in a row in shapes that I've never seen. We've got a giraffe, Santa Claus, a panda, and… uh… I have no idea what the hell that last one is supposed to be.

Bridgecraft USA
8435 Eastern Ave.
Bell Gardens, CA 90201
(562) 334-1888


Spider Guitar

Spider Guitars

Pandas must be hot with guitar players this year. They really should have combined these two designs and had pandas on motorcycles.

Aofa Musical Instruments Factory
2nd floor, No. 223 Wangfujing Ave.
Beijing 100006, P.R.China

Spider Guitar


Stone Tone Guitars

Stone Tone adds a thin layer of actual stone to the tops of their guitars. Adding the mass to the body is supposed to give the guitar more tone and sustain. I just think they look great.

Stone Tone

Stone Tone Guitar


Ibanez Geiger guitar

H. R. Giger Guitars

Ibanez comissioned artist H. R. Giger (of "Alien" fame) to create artwork for some guitars. There is an uncanny depth to the finish on these guitars. It's very three dimensional without being gimmicky.

Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez Geiger guitar


Ron Wood Model Guitar

This guitar is actually in production, at least for a while. They told me that they were going to be phasing it out soon. The top is actually a mosaic of mother of pearl. It's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it is gorgeous.

Duesenberg Guitars

Ron Wood Model


Scala Guitar

Scala Dreamcatcher Guitar

This was another fine piece of artwork that I saw this year. If you look closely at the picture on the right, you can see that the circular area that contains the dreamcatcher is actually concave and is filled with resin.

Scala Guitars
(323) 225-3622

Scala Guitar


Lit Up Guitar

Light It Up

Carry your own light show on your guitar. They had music store signs in mind when they created these but I could see someone wanting to go that extra step in customizing his or her guitar.

AdMart Custom Signage
P.O. Box 68
20 Gose Pike
Danville, KY 40423
(859) 236-7600


Luna Guitar

Luna Guitars

The picture on the upper left doesn't really do the guitar justice. The guitar is a deep green color and you can see the grain of the wood through the artwork. The Pandora line (shown right) has a nice clean look using solid colors.

Luna Guitars
4924 West Waters Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33634
(813) 600-3920

Luna Guitar


6-String Ecosystem

Two more never-before-seen guitar shapes. I suppose this would count as an Oddities stand-up-double.

Yahai Musical Instrument Industry Co., Ltd.
8/F., Zhuchi Building, Songshan Road
Shantou City, China

Bunny and Wolf guitars


Warrior Guitar


Warrior has made frequent appearances in the Oddities mostly due to the shear number of strings involved in their instruments. This year they made it in on artistic merit alone with impressive carved and painted guitars.

Warrior Instruments
93 Direct Connection Drive
Rossville, GA 30741
(706) 891-3009

Warrior Guitar


Creation Guitars

Creation Guitars

While Creation Guitars has a number of stock images that you can choose from, you don't have to stick with those, you can provide your own artwork for an instrument all your own. The finished guitars have a matte non-gloss finish so the artwork is easy to see even under stage lights.

Creation Guitars
1855 East Vista Way
Vista, CA 92084
(760) 758-3608


Schecter Guitar

Schecter Custom Shop

Schecter has proven to have a flair for the Odd. These two are fine specimens from the Schecter custom shop.

Schecter Guitars
1840 Valpreda Street
Burbank, CA 91504
(818) 846-2700

Schecter Guitar


Jersey Girl Guitars

There were some nice combinations in the double neck guitars being displayed. Shown here are a 8-string (doubled 4-string) plus a 6-string, a 12+6-string, and a double 4-string fretless bass that includes both a normal and short scale neck.

Boston Guitar Imports
1717 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301
(888) 422-3228

Jersey Girl Guitars


Moser Guitar

Moser Custom Shop

On the left we have several examples of Moser's "Bastard Vi" and on the right is his "Evil Bich." Neal Moser used to work for BC Rich and designed their "Rich Bith" guitar. These are definitely evolutions of that same design aesthetic.

Moser Custom Shop
(818) 834-6616

Moser Guitar


Versoul Resonator

Versoul Reso Sun Resonator

This is an extented scale acoustic/electric resonator guitar made in Finland. I rather liked the retro vibe and clean design.

Versoul Ltd.
Kutomotie 13 C
FIN-00380 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 565 1876


Italia Guitar

Italia Guitars

Italia always has enough of a twist to what they do to make it onto these pages, although I don't think just the Mondial Sportster (on the left) would have done it for them if they hadn't had the eagle guitar. Do you get freedom fries with that?

Italia Guitars
32575 Industrial Drive
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 585-7360

Italia Guitar


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