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Steve White Foot Board

Stomp Box

I came across Steve White playing some great blues guitar, alternately singing and playing and harmonica, and tapping his feet the whole time. He was there to attract attention to the booth, but what I noticed was the box he was tapping his feet on. It had a mic and pickup built into it along with some material and internal chambers to get the sound. This is something that he's been working on for years and I hope eventually this is avaiable as a product.



These are a little like Tony Levin's Funk Fingers but are much shorter and have very little mass. The inventor, Tony Miranda, gave me a demo of these and he just tore it up on the kit in his booth.

Fingerstix by Earthtone
(800) 826-5482



Scott Dixon set

Scott Dixon Aluminum Drums

Now you can have a drum set that looks like a Haliburton camera case. These were actually extremely light shells made from aluminum. They were also showing guitar cases and amps using the same construction techniques.

LS Enterprise LTD
Glenrose Factory, West Dock Street
Hull, UK, HU3 4HHdd3


Phat Foot

This is a clever little device that loops around the foot of your drum stool and attaches to your kick or high hat pedal to keep them from walking away when you play on smooth surfaces. This would be a lot easier than dragging a rug around with you to all your gigs. It will also work with keyboard sustain pedals as well.

Drayton Productions
P.O. Box 93764
Pasadena, CA 91109
(866) 742-8767

Phat Foot


Sex Wax

Drum Stick Sex Wax

Uhhh, yeah. This isn't what you might think it is. Mr Zog has been making surfboard wax for years and is now branching out into the music market. As their literature says "Rub it on your stick, no slip grip." Riiiiight.

Big Bang Distribution
9420 Reseda Blvd., PMB 350
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 727-1127


Coda Modular Drumsticks

By my calculations, there are some 459 possbile permutations you could come up with using all the combinations of tips, front weights, front elements, handle types and rear weights. I could see how this system might be nice to have around the studio but most drummers I know just want to hit things and not have to piece together their drumsticks first.

Coda Holdings, Ltd.
Rm 801, Tower 1, Harbour Centre
Hunghom Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2185 6198

Coda Sticks


Hansen Futz pedal

HansenFütz Practice Pedals

While these are designed primarily as practice pedals, they can also be outfitted with beaters or triggers.

273 Middle Park Dr.
Souderton PA 18964
(800) 697-5583

Hansen Futz pedal


Squarebeat sticks

Square Pegs on a Round Head

You guessed it, square drumsticks. They tell me that with a square stick that the thumb contributes more to the control of the stick than the index finger. So is that a good thing?

Squarebeat Drumsticks
P.O. Box 916
Linden, CA 95236
(209) 887-9431


Beat Stix Bandz

You've got a custom paint job on your shells and tattoos on your body, why not dress up your sticks? You slip one of these over your drumstick and shrink it down with a hair drier. I wonder if they will work on square drumsticks?

Big Idea Guys
2111 Geer Road Suite 212
Turlock, CA 95382
(877) 447-8490

Beat Stix Bands


Rungo Drum

The Zudong

Part box-drum, part dulcimer, part bass kalimba. The strings are tuned as drones that you can either hit directly or will simply sound sympathetically. The same goes for the kalimba portion, you can hit it or just let the shaft of the sticks hit them while you play the box drum. Very nice.

Rungo Drums
03 9730 2034


For the Puerto Rican Patriot

LP was showing a percussion rig done up in full Puerto Rican flag glory.

Latin Percussion
160 Belmont Avenue
Garfield, NJ 07026
(973) 478-6903

LP Puerto Rico set


Power Stix

Power Stix

These drumsticks light up from tip to tail with interchangeable LEDs housed in the end. Just a twist of the knob and you're lit.

Ameriwest Technology Inc.
121 N. Andreasen Drive
Escondido, CA 92029
(877) 797-7849



What would NAMM be without transluscent stuff? I would have bought a pair of these if they had been selling their samples.

Cora & Peter Kuo, Inc.
P.O. Box 610
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Clear Shakers


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