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When I tried to find out what type of synthesis method this keyboard uses all I got were sort of confused looks and comments that it's something completely different. After perusing their literature I found that it's more poetry than information. This either means that they don't know how it works or that it's so different that it's difficult to explain.

One thing that I did find intriguing is that it has six outputs suitable for surround sound systems.

neuron side


Phone Jam

If you and a friend each have one of these you can call each other up and play together. The bandwidth of the signal is compressed on the way in and expanded on the way out to give you better frequency response than you normally get over a phone line. On each end you've got a four channel mixer for the signal you're sending out. You can even hook it up to two phone lines in order to get stereo.

Phone Jam

Anomaly Co.
P.O. Box 701
Los Angeles, CA 90078
(323) 871-1163


Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard

This is a virtual instrument that models all the aspects of an electric piano. It did a great job of getting everything from a growly Wurlizer to a bell-like Rhodes.

Applied Acoustics Systems
1435 Bleury, Ste 510
Montreal Quebec H3A 2H7
(888) 441-8277



There were two units being shown. The Dangerous Monitor Section is aimed at mastering engineers and offers multiple analog and digital inputs and various monitoring controls. The Dangerous 2-Bus is an 16 channel (8 stereo inputs) summing mixer intended to be used with ProTools systems.

Dangerous Music
154 East 2nd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10009
(212) 533-4197

Dangerous Music


Little Labs IBP

Little Labs IBP

Sometimes the phase reverse button just isn't enough. The IBP (In Between Phase) can help you fix pesky phase problems by giving you incremental control over the phase of the signal.

Little Labs
6711 Whitley Terrace
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 851-6860


Music Pad Pro

This is essentially a tablet-shaped PC with a  fast screen. You can download and display music on it, you can even turn pages with a footswitch. It's got a touchscreen and a storage capacity of 10,000 pages of music. They've even got an option for a wireless LAN add-on.

FreeHand Systems
(800) 503-5975

FreeHand MusicPad Pro


Ultrasone Headphones

These headphones are designed to give you a more three dimensional experience when listening to normal CDs. They do this without the use of any external processing device. I got to listen to these are the show but it's really difficult to evaluate something like this in the environment of a trade show.

Ultrasone AG
Im Thal 9
82377 Penzberg
+49 8856 93 66-0

Ultrasone Headphones


Tannoy Eclipse Monitors

Tannoy has an new twist on speaker cabinet design. Using an elliptical cabinet eliminates the resonant frequencies that you'd normally get with a rectangular box. These are three-way active monitors that use a tweeter and a concentric speaker.

Tannoy/TGI North America Inc.
335 Gage Ave, Ste #1
Kitchener, On Canada N2M 5E1

Tannoy Eclipse


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