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The Kiso Widowmaker

This one definitely got my attention. It's an acoustic instrument that was played primarily by tapping like on a Chapman Stick.

The top neck has nine strings and the lowest two string are in a longer scale than the other strings on that neck, that's why you see the different fret arrangements there.

The bottom neck has eight strings and it's the highest two strings that are different, this time they are shorter than the other strings.

When I asked if this was in production the guy who was playing it said yes but the guy from Kiso seemed hesitant.

Kiso Widow Maker

Kiso Guitars
Go-En International
P.O. Box 13
Glen Ellen, CA 95442
(707) 996-1333



Fluke Ukuleles

Here's a new take on Ukulele. These instruments can be ordered in various colors including some pretty wild patterns. You can also get them with pickups and preamps.

The Magic Fluke Company
292 South Main Street
Sheffield, MA 01257
(413) 229-8536


ESP Custom Guitars

These really went beyond what you would normally consider as custom guitars. I don't know how playable they are but visually they are stunning.

The ESP Guitar Company
10903 Vanowen St., Unit A
North Hollywood, CA 91605
(800) 423-8388

ESP Custom
ESP Custom


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