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Big Briar, Inc.
554-C Riverside Drive
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 251-0090

Mooger Fooger

You've probably heard of the Mooger Fooger pedals by Bob Moog. They are very cool pedals with a plethora of control voltage inputs and outputs on the back. What they've added this year is the CP-251 Control Processor and it just ties it all together. You can use it to generate, invert and mix control voltages so that you can get all the pedals working together. It has an LFO, a noise source and sample and hold. It's much like a modular synthesizer for your pedalboard.


Magtrax Musicbox

This unit will let you deal with all the routing you need for a myriad of surround monitoring situations, Dolby Surround, 5.1, DTS, DVD, 7.1 & SDDS.

Independent Audio
(207) 773-2424

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Demeter Amplification
15730 Stagg Street, Van Nuys, CA 91406
(818) 994-7658

Demeter Realverb

Demeter has come out with a high quality spring reverb and anyone who knows Demeter's products know that they are serious about quality. This unit has two full size spring reverb tanks, channel one has a shorter reverb time than channel two has a longer one. They can be run in parallel or can be linked.


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This company is a champion of analog synthesis. A couple of products that caught my eye were the Cyclotron step sequencer and the Microcon monophonic synth unit (left) and the Selector DT-series desktop modular synth (right).

Technosaurus / Switzerland
+41 344 229 555

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US distributor


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MiniMusic Palm Software

They had some interesting music software for the palm PDAs. It lets you work in a number of modes: Score, Piano, Grid and Pattern Sequencer mode. This Summer Swivel Systems is supposed to come out with a General MIDI unit that will hook up to a Palm unit.



Touched By Sound

This German company has some real-live analog drum sound units ala the old Roland 808's. The Syncussion DRM1 (bottom unit pictured) has eight tone generators. They also have the DRM2 single rack unit that can produce anything that the DRM1 can with the exception of the snare sound. The single rack ACM 2 is designed solely for claps.

Touched By Sound

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Oberheim OB-12

Oberheim is back again and they have a new keyboard. It looks like they are now owned by an Italian firm, this company is the cat with nine lives.

Oberheim, USA



This is a cute little MIDI arpeggio unit. As you can see by the photo it fits in one hand. I did really get a chance to play with the unit myself.

Felix Klein Straße 75a
D 91058 Erlangen
09131 69445-0

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Independent Audio
(207) 773-2424

Sonifex Courier

Here's an alternative to portable DAT machines. This is a portable hard disk recorder that uses PCMCIA hard disks. It will record either in uncompressed WAV files or in MPEG Layer II files and at sample rates from 16khz to 48khz. At the highest compression ratio using the largest disk you can store 18 hours of audio. It also has the ability to send the data over an ISDN line plugged in directly.


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