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The Performer

Here is a system that can tune your guitar for you. The mechanical portion of it is in the bridge (you can still use a capo) and you get a keypad and LCD display. With an accuracy of +/- 2 cents it can put your guitar into any tuning you want. All it takes is a single strum and it goes to work.

217 Raquette Drive, suite 8
Fort Collins, CO 80524-4730
(970) 482-9132


Fat Ass Acoustic Sound (F.A.A.S.)

This is a bridge pickup system for your electric guitar that makes it sound like an acoustic. To be perfectly honest I was really impressed with the sound, it did sound an awful lot like an acoustic that was using a good bridge pickup. I don't know if I'd use it in the studio but then again I usually don't use pickups on acoustic guitars in the studio either.

Graph Tech
(604) 940-5353

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Here's a capo that you can simply roll to the fret where you want it. When you don't need it you can simply roll it out of the way to the other side of the nut.

GregBennett CO.
P.O. Box 680006
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 791-6590


Rolling Capo

Another entry in the quick capo category is the Rolling Capo. This one uses to small diameter rubber rollers housed in a wooden piece and an elastic band around the neck.

5416 Jason's Way
Albuquerque, NM 87111
(505) 298-5822

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They're coming out with a whole new line of tiny stomp boxes that are about 2/3 the size of their normal ones. They sound pretty good and they're supposed to go for about $30 each.

P.O. Box 5030
San Clemente, CA
(949) 498-9854


The Kirk Stand

This stand only contacts the guitar at the headstock. This eliminates tangles with your strap or cord and makes guitar changes very quick It breaks down very quickly and fits into a small bag.

Kirk Stand
(760) 727-6340

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Gig Accessories

These guys have a whole line of cool mounting systems for everything from tuners to guitar slides to drinks. Shown here is a mic stand with a guitar holder, a tuner holder and their 50 watt "Tiny Boy Monitor". They also have systems for trumpets, flutes, clarinets, etc.

Gig accessories
6566 Caliente St., Suite C
Oak Hills, CA 92345


The Fat Finger

It's a little difficult to tell from this picture but this is a little like a C-clamp that you clamp onto the headstock of your guitar. What it does is add mass to that end of your guitar (or bass) and increase the sustain and bottom end of the instrument. I picked one up at the show just to have around the studio.

Groove Tubes
1543 Truman Street
San Fernando, CA 91340
(818) 361-4500

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F-1 Guitar Pick

Here's an interesting twist on guitar picks. You use it with the flat side up and your index finger laid along the curved side. You can also hang an extra pick on your E string above the nut.

Big Rock Engineering
P.O. Box 9172
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295


Heartwoodes Guitar Straps

These are some of the most beautiful guitar straps I've ever seen. They even make belts for those who don't have a guitar.

P.O. Box 263220
Daytona Beach, FL 32126-3220
(800) 511-0617

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Twanger, Inc.
450 Witchcat Road
Enosberg, VT 05450

Twanger PraxAx

You can strap on one of these gizmos and work out your picking hand. They've got models for bass (4 and 5 string), guitar (steel and nylon) and banjo. The really interesting thing is that they've got models with a little peizo pickup on them, what you get is these little high pitched blips not in any particular key.


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