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For all you Clarinet players and Alto Sax players who find yourselves getting hungry during practice, your troubles are over. You can now get your reeds in 10 fun flavors. But seriously, these are targeted at those beginners who don't spend enough time getting their reeds wet (I think I'll just leave that line alone).

Mr. Music
3535 N. Anthony
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1490
(219) 483-8230


Reed Kotler

This company has several cool little products. They've got a simple general MIDI box (upper left) that only costs $200. The LBR-100 (upper right) does vocal elimination and bass isolation and removal and works as well as any of these types of devices that I've heard.

Their "Digital Music Study Recorders" will record sections of music and let you slow them down without changing the pitch so that you can pick out all the notes. The more elaborate TR-1000 (lower left) will also let you tune and transpose the audio at the same time.

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Reed Kotler Music, Inc.
(408) 245-6980


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Shaker Harmonica Microphones
P.O. Box 613
Payson, AZ 85547
(520) 474-2448

Shaker Harmonica Microphones

These harp mics not only sound great, they have fantastic resistance to feeding back. Anyone who's used a green bullet knowd what kind of problem that can be. Unlike a green bullet these mics allow you to use more of your hand to change the sound. They've got a crystal element version for a cleaner sound and a dynamic one for a dirtier sound. Both mics have a volume knob that's easily accessible while playing.


Jam Bass

The Jam Bass consists of a membrane switch that mounts on the back of your neck and a receiving unit that can play sounds and output MIDI. The idea is that you can play the notes that correspond the the E string and A string while you're fretting the chords. Great for those times when the bass player can't show up because he's in jail (don't laugh, I've seen this happen twice personally)

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Keller Bass Systems
4341 Miranda Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306


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On Board Research Corporation
1321 Valwood Pkwy, Suite 4407
Carrollton, TX 75006
(800) 340-8890

On Board Research

These guys have two products, Center Pitch (right) is designed for band instrument and will display the note that's being played and will show you how far you are from being right on.

The Intellitouch tuner clips onto the headstock and your guitar and works just like any normal tuner except that you don't have to plug into it. Both the tuners work by reading the mechanical vibration of the instrument


Sound Back

Here's one of those simple but effective solutions. It's designed as a way for horn players to hear themselves while playing without having to have stage monitors cranked up. The player simply hears their own sound bounced right back to them.

Sound Back
(323) 462-2898

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Marimba Lumina

What you see here is more than just a marimba MIDI controller, it's an incredibly flexible and powerful performance controller. It's designed by synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the show.  It would be difficult to briefly describe all the possibilities this device offers so I won't even try, check out their web site.

Buchla and Associates
P. O. Box 10205
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 528-4446



Reduce the chance of feed back on open mics. This will turn turn down or turn off a mic when the person using it moves away from it.

Pure Sound
1012 Morse Ave, Suite 19
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1634
(408) 744-1321

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winder.jpg (26119 bytes) One of the booths had a cable shield winding machine set up an in operation. It was interesting to see this thing in action. There are two levels of small spools of copper that do a little maypole dance as the core insulated wire is fed through the center. What you get is the copper strands neatly braided over the core. The large reel on the left is taking up all the braided wire. The only thing left would be to run it through an extruding machine for the rubber insulating cover.


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