Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2019 Edition

Packrat Barry

You Figure It Out

Duck Dodgers Contemporary

After reading the IronBunny website I was pleased to find that Mr. Bunny-san is from the 24th century, which means that he has to know the famous Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century.


Rigged Rotini

The Cosmic Truss has a distinctly pasta-like appearance but is likely more structurally sound.


I don't know what this contraption has to do with twisted guitar necks but it was photo-worthy in any case.

I beleive I may have seen a hipster writing a screenplay on one of these at non-corporate-affiliated, fair-trade, locally-sourced coffee shop.


That's a Pipe of a Different Color

This triggered another Brazil connection– that is, if Archibald Tuttle was a woman and was a roadie instead of a freelance heating and cooling repairman.

Bespeco Professional

Chair in the Box

Posteriorial consistency while on the road is an oft-overlooked issue. Now you can take your newest favorite chair with you.

Cozy Roadie

All the Comforts of Home

Why just bring a chair on tour when you can bring a bed, too? Your tour manager will love saving the money they would have spent on hotel rooms.

Armando Custom Cases

Double Dip as the Singer and Bouncer

This brass knuckle mic accessory should do an admirable job of discouraging fans from rushing the stage.

Metaldozer Machine Works

Loud & Orange

[insert blithe political comment here]


Foggy Bottom

Speaking of low-lying things in Washington.

And thus starts the coverage of vapor-related entries…

Mister Mister

I think they missed a naming opportunity for their humidity control device. This may be one of the last companies in the world without a website.

TAC Water & Misting Systems

The Foibles of Fobbles

Both fog and bubbles exist in nature, but fog bubbles are an abomination.

Yes, They've Been Asked That

My first question to the VocalMist folks had to do with the options for mist "flavoring" that may or may not be legal in your state.


Push Ups for Your Lungs

In only fifteen minutes a day, you won't have to worry about getting sand kicked in your face by those other muscle-bound lungs at the beach.

After taking a hit from the VocalMist you can use this to measure your progress.

Lung Trainers

Filling a Much-Needed Void

I'm not the type to seek out celebrity but when I saw that Derek Smalls was going to be performing on an 11-foot-tall bass amp, I had no choice but to go see him play.

No Need To Be Mean

Some companies would do well to consult a native speaker in the country in which they are planning to do business.

  • Big Fiag Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Big Fiag Enterprises

They Might Be Giants

NAMM had their own entries in the humongous instrument category scattered here and there at the show.

Big, Big Tone

Ready For Action

Should an aging rock star fall victim to the march of time, there is a fast response team poised and ready for action. The team's vehicle is styled for the era in which said rock star likely was born, so as to keep them calm.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue

That Doesn't Sound Very Hygienic

Then again, neither does Gorilla Snot nor Boogie Juice.

Lizard Spit

All Jacked Up and Nowhere to Go

With this guitar you shouldn't have any trouble connecting with your audience.

Switchcraft guitar

Overthink Much?

As I thought about the name Boytone, I considered the idea that they were implying that this turntable produced a full spectrum experience, from the lowest tones of a Barry White the the highest yelp of a Jon Anderson. I then listened to it and promptly discarded that theory.

Boytone turntable

Photo Booth Redux

The classic photo booth gets a high tech refresh that includes one-way glass, a touch screen, and photo previews. I'm curious if the Photo Booth Girl would find these attractive?

Portable Mirror Booth

Grocery Store Flashback

I saw this and was immediately taken back the local Alpha Beta grocery store of my youth. When your TV was on the blink you could test out the tubes to figure out what needed replacing. It was a different technological age.

Tube tester

Faux Retro

A film composer I know named Brian Ralston showed me a recording from a recent film he scored that was a cassette shell with a USB drive inside.

Discmakers USB cassette

Rex 'N Roll

Epilog often has demo pieces that have absolutely nothing to do with musical instruments, and it doesn't bother me one bit.

Epilog Laser

Dead and Loving It

I like how the picture of Victor Wooten in the next booth over seems to be keeping an eye on the Skull Strings mascot.

Skull Strings mascot

Nationalism & Weather Phenomena

MXL has three models of their 990 mic: the Patriot, Blizzard, and Blaze. I don't know that I need a red, white and blue mic but I do kind of like the LEDS in the other two.

(I want to add something about the red, white, and blue mic being rust-proofed to withstand the flying spittle of frothing wingnut podcasters, but that's probably ill-advised.)

MXL 990 mics

Peter Max Peak SPL 108dB

This is the winning entry in a contest that JBL put on. While this is reminiscent of the well-known pop art artist from the 60s, it was Elliott Baker of Los Angeles who created the winning design.

JBL inspired by artists dreams

To Infinity and Beyond

The infinite mirror trick seemed to be in vogue this year. I saw at least three booths with displays using that effect.

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