Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2019 Edition

Packrat Barry


The Oddities are in the Details

This one is worth clicking on to see the details in the shell build and the images on the metal bands.

Musa Drums

Color Splash…Except on the Splash

Although this picture shows a color crash, ride, and china, the splash doesn't sport any cool colors.

Soultone Cymbals

Etched Copper

While they could have just gone with a copper-like finish, these guys actually make the shells out of copper (amongst other materials.)

Q Drum Co.

Square Peg

A & F Drum Co. have partnered with cymbalsmith Ray Byrne to create the line of Oddity Cymbals. It's almost as if they were thinking of me when they named them.

A & F Drum Co. square cymbals

Hapi the (Wo)man

I would think that making a person out of hangdrums would invite inappropriate touching. This was made for Burning Man where "inappropriate" has a more fluid definition.

Hapi Drum

Bloody Knuckle Syndrome

At one time or another we've all ended up bloodying a knuckle trying to get a wing nut unstuck [insert blithe political comment here]. Wingtastic can mitigate this malady.


Are You Not Entertained?

From the looks of the drum rim, this drummer could have used a Wingtastic.

SJC Custom Drums Rome snare

That Kandu Attitude

The Ktak is a wearable drum that produces a different sound depending on which way it's flipped.

Luminous Octobans

One more instrument to check off the "have they put LEDs into them yet?" list.

Jinbao Music octobans

Kabuki Octopoda

I don't remember seeing a giant octopus-like monster along side Godzilla, Rodan, or Mothra, but this guy could easily join that crowd.

Mapex International

Zero G Drum Kit

This could be the perfect drum kit for a gig as the house band when Virgin Galactic get rolling. Odds are the gig would still only pay about a hundred bucks.

Pearl Drums

Space Age Materials

These drums are made using carbon fiber and aerospace resins. Calling something "Space Age" is getting to the point where it's synonymous with "vintage," since someone born at the start of the Space Age just about qualifies for Social Security now.

Klapelpi Percussion Instruments

Mutually Assured Destruction

This is a drum set for Danny Carey of Tool, with shells made of cast solid bronze made from recycled cymbals. The fighting beetle grubs are just a bonus.

Paiste Danny Caery drum set


The kick looks to be named for a B-24 and the top for a B-52.


Part Broom, Part Rug Beater

HeadHunters continue to innovate with brushes that can provide attack when you need it.

HeadHunters drumsticks

The Cradle Will Rock

While the main sell for the Bass Drum Support Cradle is improving the sound, it could also be a solution to the migratory bass drum problem.

Meliti Acoustics Bass Drum Support Cradle

High-Tech Toe Tappin'

Most foot tapping boxes use a piezo mic and that signal is amplified for the sound. Ortega had several boxes that triggered internal samples.


Big city corner buskers using bucket drums have to move on to something else–it's at the point where you can buy a Rhythm Lid to put a head on one and a Bucket Band to join up two buckets. It's hard to keep it real when your guerilla instrument is available at Guitar Center.

Remo Rhythm Lid and Bucket Band

School Bus Shaker

When I rode a bus to school, the cool thing to do was to sit in the very back and encourage the bus driver to go fast over the dips.

Roland Meinl School Bus Shaker
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