Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2018 Edition

Packrat Barry


Beat Unboxing

This is a more elaborate version of the Bag Drum that I saw a couple of years back.

One-Touch Tuning

Tune both heads on your drums with the turn of a single tuning key. They had an entire kit rigged with these and it was interesting to be able to change the pitch that quickly.

Give Me Freedrum or Give Me Dreth

This is a different approach to the drumless drumming idea pioneered by Aerodrums. This product uses sensors attached to the sticks to detect trigger events.

This Drummer Blows

If he doesn't then he'll never get this inflatable drum kit to a playable pressure.


Shipping shouldn't cost much. Just slap a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox.

Vestigial Neck

Like the eyes in a cave dwelling fish, the neck has been left behind due to the evolutional pressure of the percussive guitar technique.

Winter is Coming

Sabian has progressed from defensive cymbal towers to ramparts.

Cheval de Frise

Keep your drummer safe from overzealous fans with this spike-laden hardware mounting system.

Target Practice

I have to believe that the initial proof of concept prototype for this drummer training device was simply a spindle back chair.

Blueberry, Lemon, Cherry, & Lime

These look like djembes but they're fiberglass reinforced gourds made in several delicious colors and are very lightweight.

The Vitamin Water of Drums

It wouldn't be NAMM without translucent products.

Gong of the Gods

It also wouldn't be NAMM without gigantic instruments. This gentleman provides a sense of scale for this 90", 450 lb. (2.3m, 204kg) gong.

Amplified Timber

The company name is perfect for the entry title. They put an Audix ADX60 boundary condenser microphone on a lovel wooden mount so you can get consistent micing of your cajón.

Brass in Pocket

If you're tired of having other people pawing your cymbals and leaving fingerprints when you're not playing, this is the product for you.

Pinch On, Pinch Off

Don't waste precious seconds on your cymbals using traditional wing nuts.

The Finest of Snake Oils

The British Drum Co. had this tucked away on the side of their booth. I don't know what this mysterious substance does and the YouTube video that I tracked down from the display sheds no additional light.

You'd Better Be Good

…if you're going to have the pantheon of drum gods hand airbrushed on your drums.

Hiding the Ring

No, this isn't a proposal stunt, it's another attempt to tame overly resonant drums. It's a more subtle tool than their similar product that I saw in 2012 that is made from a hunk of brass.

Adze Meets Log

With the exception of the metal hardware, this conga looks as if it could have been made with stone age tools.


I think hemp was involved with more than just the cloth here – I'd say it was involved in the brainstorming session for the promo video.

No More Pillows

More thought went into this kick drum head dampening product and the traditional pillow-stuffed drum.

Yoga for Drummers

If you aren't able to perform the Urdhva Vrikshasana pose then this is not the drum kit for you.

Hardware Rollups

Having fashioned a number of my own bags and cases for gear, I was instantly on board with the thinking behind the Standwrap.

Mixed Messages

I don't know if the idea of erasing my ear bothered me more than being directed to be irresponsible.

Prepare the "Laser"

The only moving parts on the Laser Kick (LK-01) are the knobs and switches. You trigger the on-board sounds by breaking the beam.


The perfect classroom addition for a teacher you hate.

Premium Shakers

These classy sets of shakers should be on the shelf in every overpriced gift shop in quaint tourist towns.

Josie and the Emojicats

At least the female emoji-singer isn't holding a tambourine.

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