Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2012 Edition

Packrat Barry


Fancy Footwork

While the Foot Drum may have a somewhat Goldbergian look to it, in reality it was very functional and fun to play. If I could get my left foot to work independently from the right, it would be even better.

When you're done playing it folds up into a tidy package for travel.

The Foot Drum

V Er Y   D I F Fe Re N T   D Ru Mn S

The philosophy behind these drums must be diametrically opposed to that of the Square Drums camp. Sounds like the makings of a good old-fashioned Holy War.

BTW, I do realize, that Deuterium and Tritium are not part of the periodic table but they are isotopes of Hydrogen so that's got to count for something.

Molecules drums

Side-Chained Cymbals

Let me introduce you to your new drum tech, Dr. Octopus.

If your singer is envious of your new cymbal stands, they can get a matching mic stand.

  • Silken Cymbal International
  • RM1850, Union Orient Castle
  • Jianghan North Road
  • Wuhan, China
Silken Cymbal

Not Just for Global Warming Anymore

This is a new drum tuning system that uses pressurized CO2 in a tube between the head and the rim. By adjusting the pressure, you change the tuning of the entire drumhead uniformly. Throw in a treadle to regulate the pressure and you've got drums that you can tune on the fly.

I Don't Think There's an App For That

I should have hooked these guys up with the DrumTone folks. It would have been fun to watch this track changes in drum pitch.

At least now guitar player won't be the only ones burning through 9 volt batteries.

  • Overton Labs, Inc.
  • 1215 Main St., Unit #102
  • Tewksbury, MA 01876
Overton Labs drum tuner

More Than Just Symbolic

When the barbarian lay siege to NAMM and the archers are getting ready to loose a volley, I know where I'm heading.

  • Sabian, Inc.
  • 100 Enterprise Drive
  • Marshfield, MA. 02050
Sabian cymbal wall

Bateria De Los Muertos

I don't suspect that Rockett was thinking of the Battle of Čegar when they created that snare stand, but I did.

As you can see from the photos, skulls provide a recurring theme for their products.

Rockett Drum Works

The Dube Abides

Here's a new take on the cajón drum. Its unique shape would be right at home on stage with the Blue Man Group. It's melamine-like construction material would be right at home on the shelf at Walmart.

The Dube

Personal Arc Reactor

Now your kick drum can look just like Tony Stark's chest. At least when you lose power you won't run the risk of dying.


More Glitz

If a glowing kick drum port isn't enough, you can step up to these vinyl, illuminated LumaSkinz.

Rain Schtick

Who would have thought that changing the shape of a rain stick and adding a pickup to it would result in such an interesting new percussion instrument?

  • The Z-Stik Company
  • 152 Boyer Road
  • Grants Pass, OR 97526

Mighty Mighty Brasstone

This is a solid chunk of brass with a piece of leather on the underside and a magnet to keep it place.

It does wonders for taming a ringing snare and beats the hell out of a wallet and duct tape.


They Just Ain't Natural

These drums must be the work of the Devil. No God-fearing drummer would ever playing something that looked like that.

Rock Custom Drums

The Evolution of Language

I'm guessing the first name of the "Shonga Guiro" is a contraction of Shaker and Conga. They could have taken the next step and called it the "Shonguiro."

Shonga Guiro

This Looks Pretty Handy

They might sell more of these to drummers in metal bands if they used the horn sign \m/ instead.

Then again, they might incur the wrath of loonies.

3rd Hand Percussion

Keepin' It Real

While these sticks may provide more stroke power, you might want to be careful flashing these if you've got a gig in South Central.

Rocket Sticks

E Ticket Ride

Pearl had a chunk of Tommy Lee's roller coaster drum rig set up, just so people like me would take pictures. It worked.

Tommy Lee's roller coaster drum rig

Blue Light Special

Without the underside illumination, the Gen 16 cymbal triggers wouldn't have been nearly as interesting, and would be unlikely to have appeared here.

Avedis Zildjian Gen 16

Au Naturale

This Tama kit's simple woodgrain finish was just gorgeous.

Tama drums
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