Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2016 Edition

Packrat Barry


A Drumset for Oscar

The only way to say "street musician" more clearly would be to add a plastic bucket.

Sh*t Just Got Virtual

I've been a fan of the Aerodrums since I first saw them in 2014. This year they stepped it up and now have an integrated VR system.

More Than Just Triggers

These clip onto any drums and the software is sophisticated enough to be able to map different sounds in various ways based on your playing. Check out their demo videos, they're really impressive.

Mood Lighting

I didn't see anything in on the Pearl site about a light option for their Havana Series congas, which is a real shame.

Drum Kit Tetris

This guy has cleared this level before.

Cymbal Quick Release

The Cymbolt not only makes putting up and taking down your kit quicker, it also ensures that the action on your cymbal is always the same.

No Wrong Notes

These weather-tolerant musical installations are tuned to pentatonic scales so that anyone can make harmonious noise.

Who Needs an Assistant Engineer?

As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time adjusting mic positions, I can really appreciate the utility of this system.


With the turn of a knob you can put the chains into contact with your cymbal for that sizzling sound.

One Man’s Trash

Recycled from broken cymbals, the Crop Circle can be put on a snare, tom, or even another cymbal.

Liquid Grooves

This actually sounds like some of the loops from the old Spectrasonics library. My video doesn't do this justice, check out one of their YouTube videos.

Stomp Louder

That's the catch phrase that for their Advanced Heel Pedestal System (AHPS). That's all any new product really needs, a catch phrase and an acronym.

Cajon in Disguise

You'd never expect to beat on something marked Fragile.

V-Ifying the World

Roland has been creating products like the V-Drums and the V-Accordion in recent years, I'm a little disappointed they didn't call this the V-Cajon.

Adventure Story

These drums look like they tell a story of a mysterious man in a hat who tells you about a shipwreck and can provide a map, for a fee.

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