Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2011 Edition

Packrat Barry


Very Nearly, a Ton-O-Fun

I wouldn't be surprised if this solid steel, 50 lb. snare drum shell isn't summarily condemned by the SPCR (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Roadies.)

  • Lamb Drum Company
  • 16313 N.E. 44th Street
  • Vancouver, WA 98682
  • (360) 907-4040
Lamb 50 lb. snare

Steampunk Kit

The audio in the movie gives you a little taste of the what it sounds like in the NAMM drum ghetto.

  • Trick Drums
  • 17 E University Dr.
  • Arlington Heights, IL 60004
  • (847) 3422019

The Incredible Expanding Snare

For your next recording session, instead of lugging multiple snares of different depths, just bring one of these. You can change the depth anywhere from 5" to 7.5".

Adjustable Snare

Only For Playing in 4/Fore

I wonder if the dimples give you get better hang time with this snare when you go all Keith Moon on your kit?

  • ddrum
  • 4924 West Waters Ave.
  • Tampa, FL 33634
  • (813) 600-3920
ddrum dimpled snare

Hitting the Skins

The next time some drummer starts going on about his vintage Gretsch "Round Badge" kit you could one-up him with this truly old school Native American kit.

  • Alex Maldonado
  • 1545 E. Indigo Street
  • Mesa, AZ 85203
  • (480) 755-4657
Alex Maldonado

1001 Uses

I was tempted to refer to this as a "Rube Goldberg" Cajon drum but all the bits and pieces are far too functional for that moniker.

Kodama Guiro

This little guiro reminded of the Kodama forest spirits in the film Princess Mononoke, although the ones in the film made more of a vibraslap sound.

Tycoon guiro

A Bright Idea

These would have been really cool if the shakers actually lit up on the louder hits.

  • Cora & Peter Kuo, Inc.
  • P.O. Box 610 Taichung
  • Taiwan, R.O.C.
light bulb shakers

Swiss Crash

I suppose it makes a certain amount of sense for a Swiss manufacturer of cymbals to take inspiration from another local product.

  • Paiste AG
  • Kantonsstrasse 2
  • CH-6207 Nottwil
  • +41-41-939-3333
Paiste Swiss Crash

The Jing-er Plays Stickball

The story of a future North Korean leader and his experiences during a childhood trip to a blue collar neighborhood in New York.

…or maybe just a way for drummers to make more noise.

  • RhythmTech, Inc.
  • 29 Beechwood Avenue
  • New Rochelle, New York 10801
  • (800) 726-2279
RhythmTech Jing-er and Stickball

Saving Your Ass

After success with cushions for wheelchairs, motorcycles, boats, RVs, airplanes, and tractors, ROHO has set their sights on drummers' butts.

  • The ROHO Group, Inc.
  • 100 North Florida Avenue
  • Belleville, IL 62221
  • (618) 277-9173
Air Hawk drum throne

Simple & Effective

These bits of closed cell foam are Drum Stackerz. They provide a buffer between drums when you stack them for travel.

Drum Stackerz
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