Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2022 Edition

Packrat Barry


Keeping Time With The Timekeepers

I'm glad they put the names of the drummers on these or I would have had a hell of a time figuring out who was who.


Life After Death

Instead of putting your drums out to pasture, they can continue to make noise well into their twilight years. When the kid across the street gives up on playing drums, they can continue to the be bane of the neighborhood as speakers.


So. F*cking. Metal.

It really gets no more metal than this for drummers. These don't look quite as heavy as the 50 lb. metal snare I saw at NAMM in 2011.


Head on a Pike

If you're using the No Nuts Cymbal Sleeve you can top your cymbals with the skulls of your tiny enemies, or disco balls, all depending on your mood. The folks at No Nuts are not here to judge, only to provide.


Overhead Bin Drum Kit

Of all of the ultra compact drums kits I've seen at NAMM, this one is the new reigning size champion. Sure, most of them sound like they’re built to be whapped by a wind-up monkey, but that's the nature of compromise.


Getting Down To Brass Tags

It's high time that cymbals got on the overwrought graphical bandwagon.


High Grain

I don't know that I've ever seen a drum set made of such beautiful wood. Believe it or not, this year I also came across a matching piano.


The Electric Skillet of Percussion

It was only a matter of time before handpans went electric. This certainly gets around the fixed tuning of a normal instrument and adds some interesting modulation options.

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