Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2018 Edition

Packrat Barry

Other Goodies

Just Plain Creepy

The fact that the baby arm is affixed to a product called the Vibramate makes it creepier still.

Unused Axis

In the "why didn't I think of that" category is the VSquared tremolo bar which provides volume and pitch bend control for guitars. Finally the tremolo bar lives up to its name.

Guitar Remora

The Strum Buddy is an amplifier/FX device that affixes to your guitar with a suction cup.

Blank Slate

This provides on/off and continuous control in either axis of your MIDI-controlled effects, amplifier, or guitar modeling system. The layout can be organized however you like and opens up a wide range of new possibilities.


These guys take burled wood, fill in the gaps with resin, and produce pieces for bookmatched guitar tops.

NAMM Cookout

There is a Whipple Wah and three Baby Teeth on the grill. I was initially attracted by the Weber BBQ but the Baby Tooth is a really cool gain/tone/fuzz pedal.

Darwin's Plectrums

One thing you can count on seeing at NAMM is the latest genetic mutation of the guitar pick. Some mutations are beneficial and the pick will thrive, while others die out and are only found in the fossil record that is the NAMM Oddities.

Pick Currency

I don't expect that these are priced according to the traditional pen & paper FRPG rate where 1 GP = 10 SP and 1 SP = 10 CP.

Kinder, Gentler Picks

These rubbery ukulele and bass picks provide an attack that George H. W. Bush would endorse.

MA = FB / FA = a / b

I can see the utility of having your phone visible at an angle in your pedalboard but physics tells us that one false step could add an acute angle to your phone.

Boardless Pedalboard

The Acoustic Gig and the Quattro put all the basic stuff you need into one long pedal, making setup at a gig that much easier. The Octoswitch goes the other direction for those who can't part with their hand-picked collection of pedals.

If It Glows, Someone Will Buy It

I've seen light up fret markers before but this takes that idea to the next, inevitable stage.

Double Duty

The Personal Guitar Workshop works as a normal guitar stand and a bench to be used when you need to work on the guitar.

Kindergarden Vibe

The red one in the middle, as you have probably surmised, is called the Delay Llama <sigh>

What Artist Influenced You the Most?

One guess. The pedalboard market must be getting awfully crowded for someone to market effects this specific.

As Predictable as the Tide and Moon

I can always count on some company to show some translucent fluorescent products. In this case it's flexible universal mic clips.

For the Chronically Organized

They even provide die cut stickers in multiple colors so you can develop your own cable identification system.

Maj Qech

This acoustic contact pickup uses a magnet affixed to the underside of the top so there is no permanent modification of the instrument.

Meretricious Mic Stands

The last time a product from Peak was featured here it was a little more utilitarian.

Holy Sound Guy, Batman

The "Two Hand Touch" is a product for the sound guy on the go.

Needing a Third Leg

Players using pedalboards to make use of these organ-specific effects may require an additional appendage.

Mix and Match

"Arthur" is a mixer that you configure the way you like. There are a number of different modules so it can grow with your studio.

Zero to Stand in Three Seconds

If you have the "Jazz Stand" you can shave off precious seconds off of set up time when you show up late for the gig.

D.C. al Coda (Again)

Bits of recycled instruments made into jewelry, clocks, and these wine stoppers.

Next Up: Percussion

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