Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2022 Edition

Packrat Barry

Other Goodies

Insole Control

You not only use the wireless motion control to do things like controlling a wah, you use it to navigate the menus in the setup app. I'd like to see someone soloing over the music while playing DDR.

Mid-Side Inversion

Commonly mid-side is used in capturing stereo audio, but in this case they've applied the concept to a speaker. Even in the high-dB environment of NAMM, I was pretty impressed with the spatial quality of the sound.


Elegant Amp

Shouldn't a beautiful guitar be paired with an equally beautiful amplifier?


Private Labeling

Jack White apparently has asked boutique manufacturers for mods frequently enough to market a bevy of yellow-kitted versions under his Third Man moniker.


Roughing It

I think they missed an opportunity by not putting a crescent moon on these cases.


Rustic Charm

Unlike the previous listing, here the dark wood and leather evoke images of dimly lit steakhouses, rather than outdoor plumbing.


A Bigsby For Everyone

While this looks like a vintage take on the Whammy Pedal, it's quite a bit more. It can emulate that sound but it can also sound much more like an actual tremolo by detuning and rolling off the high end. The analog expression out and MIDI in for selecting presets and syncing the rate are very nice additions.


Common Problem, Meet Simple Solution

I can't count the number of times I've had headphones take a dive off precarious perches on mic stands. I'm going to add a couple of these to my gear collection.


Do Not Attempt to Escape, Mr. Bond

This instrument stand system will accomodate virtually any instrument shape and allay any fears of droppage.



To continue with the bondage theme, these slides have spring-loaded mechanisms that keep them securely affixed to your finger.


You Could Also Just Play More

These cases are meant to keep your guitars from getting dusty while hanging on the wall. I would love to see one done up like a hazmat suit or one that looks like Hannibal Lecter from "Silence of the Lambs."


Duplex Duty

Another anti-dust entrant comes in the form of a string cover that converts into a strap. The production models have a more finished look than the one shown here.


Windmills Gone Wild

If you've ever accidentally changed your pickup selection while channeling Pete Townsend, you might find this switch lock useful.


True Stereo Separation

Most bluetooth speakers produce a minimal stereo field. With these you can separate your speakers as far as the Bluetooth will permit.

Flush Mount

This pedalboard system secrets away all unsightly wires below decks. They offer caddies for all the common stompbox dimensions.


Less Holy Belly, More Blue Crow

This is another system that hides the wiring, but you have to use their effects. With those names, good luck figuring out they do, but I'm not gonna lie: I would buy a pedal called the Gnavatar just for the name.


All The Things In One

This was built as a trade show demo system, but it looks pretty damn cool with all the color coded knobs and labels.


Speed Coil

With Cabli you can attempt to defy Wood's Law of Cables. (Attempt, that is.)


If the sound of the amp hits the guitarists' ears rather than their knees, maybe they won't be as inclined to crank it up? (Yeah, I thought that was pretty funny, too.)


Three-Handed Guitar Tech

This will allow you to keep the tremolo tension constant while changing strings.


So Very Comfy

These headphone pads look like your favorite PJs, perfect studio womb attire.


Don't Make Me Hangry

When a pedal has a knob labeled "Hunger," I almost don't care what it sounds like.


Call Me Ishmael

If Captain Ahab had been a guitar player, you can rest assured he would have stopped at nothing to obtain this pedal.


No Mics Required

These heads have a built-in power soak so you can plug in headphones or give FOH a direct feed from the amp. This is a nice middle ground for those who are not into modeling devices.

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