Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2022 Edition

Packrat Barry

You Figure It Out

Definitely The Droid You're Looking For

If this is what the coming AI revolution looks like, it might not be too bad. I'd watch a set by R2DJ.


The Blob

This pedal had some sort of glittery ectoplasmic blob over the lights, causing me to surmise that the grandma pictured there is a ghost.


Not Conversation For Polite Company

Me: "Do you feel odd having people comment on the size of your knob?"
Him: "Do you feel odd asking me about my knob?"

Well played, sir.


Easy-Bake Mic Oven

The Li.LAC microphone disinfector shares its basic design with the venerable children's toy, although it uses UV light where the toy uses IR. In today's world, it's hard to argue with keeping your mics virus- and bacteria-free.


My Kind Of Standing Desk

When you put beat-making software into an arcade box, are high scores measured in number of streams?


Stress Nut

Sometimes I can't out-clever-title reality.

Punctuated Equilibrium

The minions that I saw last year have quickly evolved and are taking to the skies.


Wrong Foot Forward

When it comes to musicians, it's generally best to deemphasize the olfactory components.


Beats The Hell Out Of Zoom

It's not truly a 3D hologram, but The Epic is the closest I've seen to date.

It's Only a Model

The real thing is 7' x 14' and on wheels. They've created a trailer with 50dB of sound isolation so you can do audio work anywhere there's a road. You can rent their studio or they can make you one of your very own.


Typical Club

I considered just chilling here for a while, and I would have, if not for all the noise.


Day-glow Speakers

This makes me feel like I'm in the kids' clothing section of Target sometime in the '90s.


If It Exists, Put Lights In It

I haven't seen LEDs in guitar picks yet, but I have no doubt that day will come. Oh, yes, it will come.

Hiding in Plain Sight

I think McSwain took a page out of Inspector Clouseau's book.


Who's A Good Boy?

That would be Capo, the Clerkhound mascot, immortalized in wood.


Never Too Rad Or Too Thin

Yeah, I don't know what he's doing there, either.


Never Want For A Pick Again

Even when their instruments aren't nearby, metal guitarists should have plenty of handy body modifications to pop these Snap-On picks on.


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