Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2022 Edition

Packrat Barry


Not Deez

Just slide these over the ends of your cymbal stands and ditch the wingnuts.

These guys also have products to make your cymbals either louder or quieter.


Teaching an Old Lug New Tricks

This vendor was a bit of a challenge from the get-go: Due to their minimalist booth, I nearly passed them by, then had to use hand signals and some Google Translate to understand what their product was. But I'm glad I did; it's a fairly clever approach. Whether it's better is still an open question.


The No "More Cowbell" Joke Zone

The RhymStryker provides the hand percussionist access to wood blocks, and yes, cowbells. I will obey my own title and not go for the cheap joke (in this blurb, anyway.)


For Drummers with Vespas

The latest entry in the kit-in-a-box category: Everything but the high hat stand fits into a box not much bigger than those you see on the backs of pizza delivery scooters.


Capture Both the Thud and the Slap

The KickTone mic can be put on a mic stand or preferably, affixed to the drum with a KickPort. Even though it looks like a subkick it's actually a full-frequency kick mic.


Rims of Undetermined Benefit

These rims are made of a composite material that I'm almost certain had a long list of benefits…which I unfortunately don't recall. My senses were frayed, my notes were sparse, and their website is sparser.


Carbon Cudgels

If you're one of those neanderthals that hits your drums like they owe you money, you might want to try these carbon fiber drumsticks. Pair them with the Klapel rims and see what kind of new, ecologically responsible sounds you get.


Do One Job Well

If all you need is an app that does basic drum notation, look no further than the Beat Note app.

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