Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2016 Edition

Packrat Barry


Steampunk or Hillbilly Chic?

These exist in the rarely traveled borderland between steampunk affectation and trailer trash.

Funguy Mojo Guitars

Property of Captain Nemo

This looks like it came from the Nautilus and would have been much cooler than the one that Kirk Douglas made.

James Trussart Custom Guitars

High Tech Wood Burning Kit

As far as I can remember Epilog has had a booth in the far row in Hall E. This year they had an etched strat body, which was much classier than their examples in years past.

Epilog Laser

Exploded View

I've seen this sort of perspective display done a couple of times and it's always cool.

Your Weird Uncle

Uncle Dave has some strange ideas about what an acoustic guitar is supposed to be. Sometimes I think when Uncle Dave makes guitars he inhales too much wood glue.

  • Uncle Dave's Custom Guitars, LLC
  • 977 E. 14 Mile Road
  • Troy, MI 48083
  • (830)469-9996
Uncle Dave's Custom Guitars, LLC

Tin Can Whammy

As long as we're adding whammy bars to unlikely instruments, the Dobrato is a dobro with a whammy bar.

Tin Can Whammy

Guitar Womb

When you're done playing you can return your guitar from whence it came.

Suavage Guitars

Cookie Cutter Guitars

Fans of minimalistic designs will appreciate these guitars.

Opal Instruments

Metal Guitars

Since these guitars are milled from solid blocks of aluminum you can't exactly call them heavy metal guitars, they're far lighter than that, more along the lines of Winger or Twisted Sister.


Rock Guitars

And to continue the literal title theme, these guitars are made from thin slices of stone and are thin enough that you can put lights underneath them. Appropriately, they call these "Gorgonized" guitars.

Zerberus Guitars

Rock Infusion

This maple-top guitar is inlaid with blue Lapis stone.

Knaggs Guitars

Instant Luthier

With one of these kits you could truthfully say that you built your guitar, but it would be like calling a paint by numbers kit your own painting.


A Finish Suitable for Chapel Ceilings

The Edge should have played this guitar at a recent solo gig.

John Page Classic

Keeping the Faith

Minarik can always be counted on to produce multiple guitars worthy of being featured in the Oddities.

Minarik Guitars

Wipe Out

The giant cat is so concerned about playing the drum solo properly it's completely oblivious to the tsunami that's about to wash over it.


Appropriate Names

The names of these two guitars are Burning Water, and Psychedelic Vomit. If you relate to either of those names on a personal level, you’ve taken too many drugs.

James Tyler Guitars

That'll Buff Right Out

You'll never have to worry about scratching this guitar's finish.

Spear Guitars

Pretty, and Pretty Expensive

Jens' creations have often been seen on these pages. This year his Genesis and Flora Mare guitars got my attention. I particularly like the inlay and tailpiece on the Flora.

Jens Ritter Instruments

Vaguely Pornographic

If you owned this guitar you would have to be careful if you gave it a woman's name, especially if the woman in question is a natural blond.

Cole Clark Guitars

No Color Left Behind

This is the Starburst of guitars. "Hear the rainbow."

Swing Guitar Technology

Partial Eclipse

I thought that Partial Eclipse was an appropriate name for this guitar.

Michael Kelly Guitar Co.

A Very Small Market

Unless you're playing guitar for the Rolling Stones, would you buy this guitar?

Sever Custom Guitars

Native of the Pacific Northwest

From the look of this guitar I figured that the maker of this was from the Pacific Northwest. Sure enough they're based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

Joi Guitars

Consistency of Design

The barbed wire binding perfectly sets off the high school metalhead fire-breathing skull artwork.

Audio Asylum Custom Guitars

Nigel's New Guitar

Don't even look at it.

Vigier Guitars

Soundhole Grates

No more playing Cornhole with this Ovation.

Ovation Guitars

A Sweet One-String

This probably smells better than a cigar box, too.

Cigar Box Guitars

Sparkly Carbon

Moses went above and beyond in applying metalflake paint to the this guitar.

Moses Carbon Graphite USA

Dali's Guitar

I hadn't heard of the Craviola even though it's been around for a while now.


Petite Bouche

A copy of the guitar inspired by the Selmer that Django favored.

Saga Music

Evolution of the Soundhole

After this many years I know enough to not utter the phrase "Now I've seen everything."

Nicolas Wilgenbus

Almost Routine

I've come to expect at least a couple of outstanding guitars from ESP.

The ESP Guitar Company

Good Cop, Bad Cop

On one hand you've got a completely blinged-out Tele, and on the other you've got one that was subjected 15,000 volts of electrical burn.


Open Up and Say "Ahhhh"

Everything is more threatening with mouths (or beaks) wide open.

Dean Guitars

Title Track

Luna is missing the boat if they don't provide the tab for "Puff the Magic Dragon" with the guitar.

Luna Guitars

Tasteful Inlay

The headstock is a little much but the rest of the inlay on this guitar is quite nice.

Riversong Guitars
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