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Really Big Things

It just wouldn't be a NAMM show without some Really Big Thing. In this case it's a stuffed grizzly bear on the corner of the Grizzly Industrial booth.


Big Bend's Nut Sauce

Yes, you read that right, what you see here is "The Original Nut and Saddle Sauce". I suspect it's for guitars but I was afraid to ask.

PO Box 324
Plainwell, MI 49080-0324
(269) 685-1866

Big Bend's Nut Sauce



Zinky Amps

What could be more dope than an amp covered in crushed velvet? I think Zinky's got some pimp fixation since their other amps are called the Superfly and the MoFo.

Zinky Electronics
P.O. Box 3973
Flagstaff, AZ 86003
(928) 522-0800


Silk Road Round Amp

Yeah, it's a tweed amplifier, that's, well… round.

Changzhou linyin Electron Co., Ltd
311 Standard Workshop
Xixiashu Industrial Park
Xinbei District, Changzhou City0
Jiangsu Province, china

Silk Road Round Amp


Flying V chair

Flying V Chair

Unfortunately these are not for sale. They were made custom for this company to use at their trade show booth. Then again, maybe it's not so unfortunate.



This is a simple but effective system for mechanically isolating turntables.

P.O. Box 4669
4803 Er Breda
The Netherlands

Free Float


Ugly Bass Player

Ugly Bass Player

1. You are one of these, or
2. You know one of these
3. Go order some stuff

Ugly Bass Player
4303 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
(831) 430-0189

Stinky Drummer


Pick Guard Clocks

Guitar Clocks

For the guitar player that has everything. Wait a minute, it's impossible for a guitar player to have everything. These web pages prove that. Aside from clocks with guitar neck pendulums, this company makes some interesting pick guards.

Pick Guard FX
(877) 307-6418


The Hempcone

Who would have thought that the idea to make speaker cones out of hemp would have come from a Bay Area company? They've just developed a 10" bass cone so let all your rasta bass player friends know. This company really should hook up with Ashdown and have them load up their Chronic amp with these cones.

A Brown Soun, Inc.
23 Joseph Court
San Raphael, CA 94903
(415) 479-2124

Hemp Cone


Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball Dude

The Ernie Ball booth is always a circus, often literally. Among other things they had a custom painted car with this attractive fellow behind the wheel.

Ernie Ball


Ruff Rider


New on the callous maintenance scene are products from Ruff-Rider. they've got a hunk of plastic that you can hang from your keychain and they've got replacement caps for the GripMaster.

Ruff-Rider Products
431 Leoni Drive
Grover Beach, CA 93433
(805) 481-2593

Ruff Rider


Magic Microphone

Magic Sing Microphone

Now you can have a karaoke system in the palm of your hand complete with audio and video output. On the packaging there's an endorsement from Deborah Gibson, you know, that famous singer on the Magic Sing Microphone box.

Joeun enterprises, Inc.
3361 West 1st St., Ste. 202
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 384-1213


Assault Bass

The Armando Custom Case company was displaying a case that they'd made for a very unique instrument. It's a 5-string bass made by a luthier from Belize named Roque Batty. This thing even has a tageting laser built into the scope that you turn on by pulling the trigger. I'd like to see what the TSA would make of this at the airport security checkpoint.

2626 Lincoln Ave.
Richmond, CA. 94804
(510) 224-1324

Assault Bass


Bullet Strap

Bullet Strap

If you own an assault bass then there can only be one choice for a strap.

Ram Concert Gear
1812 Bacon St.
San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 758-0884



Satisfy your inner spelunker by clipping one of these guys to the bill of your baseball cap. There's even a fiber optic attachment that snaps on to the end of this and hangs about 8" off the front that will make you look like one of those deep sea Anglerfish.

Q Lighting, Inc.
750 Enterprise Dr.
Lexington, KY 40510
(877) 741-4612



Suzuki Mime

Suzuki Mime

Someone at Suzuki decided that it would be a great idea to hire a mime to strike rock and roll poses in order to draw attention to their guitars. I don't know that it will result in any sales but they secured themselves a spot in the NAMM Oddities.

Suzuki Music


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