Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2015 Edition

Packrat Barry


Lex Luthier

Chris Cardone (and his magnificent moustache) definitely qualify for the evil genius category.

His 24 string monster of a bass is essentially an 8-string bass with each string containing three courses. Think Tom Petersson squared.

Prat Basses

Beyond the Bugle

With the addition of an extension port (suspended with threaded stock and wing nuts no less), these instruments are capable of producing a two octave major scale with just the player's embouchure.

The Ostendorf Company

The Pinnacle of Plastic

Over the last several years I've seen all manner of plastic instruments at NAMM but it wasn't until this year that the holy grail had been achieved. I present the plastic Tuba.

  • Beijing Rheinsound Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.
  • 2-7F Meilin Garden
  • 33# Zi-Zhu-Yuan Rd.
  • Beijing, China 100089
Beijing Rheinsound Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

A Different Sort of Longhorn

They told me this was a Tibetan instrument. We won't be discussing how it came to be in the possession of a Chinese company.

Tianjin Longxing Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Be Careful, I Think it Bites

This Matryoshka / Theremin hybrid is not to be trifled with. The moment you show fear, it's all over.

Madarine Eletron

Perfect for Shoegaze

Until you get really comfortable with one of these you'll likely be constantly staring towards the ground.

The hexagonal key layout is similar to the Axis Natural Keyboard that I saw at NAMM in 2007.

  • Dualo pépinière d'entreprise de La Courneuve
  • 1 centre commercial La Tour
  • 93120 La Courneuve, France
Dualo pépinière d'entreprise de La Courneuve

Tan, Don't Burn

I have to imagine that someone at Novax is familiar with the old Coppertone ads.


There's No Money Above the 5th Fret

…so the obvious solution is to leave them off completely. This instrument should be sufficient to play just about every pop song ever written.

Zivix has moved quite a distance from their humble beginnings with a kit that turned a real guitar into a Guitar Hero controller.

Their new Jamstik is a Bluetooth guitar controller that will interface with guitar teaching apps.

  • Zivix LLC
  • 4150 Olson Memorial Hwy, Ste. 400
  • Golden Valley, MN 55422
Zivix LLC

Garish Personified

I know it's a bold statement but this may be the ugliest bass I've ever seen at NAMM. I'm guessing this was a commission because the other Marco basses were really quite attractive.

Marco Bass Guitars

A Box of Melted Crayolas

It could have easily been yet another overwrought design but I actually love this colorful abstract pastiche.

Ritter Bass Guitars

The Weird & the Wonderful

On the right, the Warwick Guy Pratt signature bass with sliding pickups, on the left, Freddy Krueger of basses.

  • Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG
  • Gewerbepark 46
  • D-08258 Markneukirchen
  • +49 (0) 37422 555 0
Warwick GmbH

Gaudy With a Side of Brash

I think the artwork found on the Dragon Pearl Bass would look more at home on the back of a Yakuza.

  • Woosung Chorus Co., Ltd.
  • #34, Pyeongcheon-ro 199beon-gil
  • Bupyeong-gu, Incheon
  • 403-858, Korea
Woosung Chorus Co., Ltd.
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