Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2014 Edition

Packrat Barry

You Figure It Out

Captain Fantastic

I have no idea why this fellow was wandering the halls dressed as Elton John from his 1975 Dodgers Stadium concert.

This guy fills out this outfit a bit more than Elton's 1975 drugged and bulimic self did.

Captain Fantastic

A High Performance Roomba?

No, this is an experiment in creating a carbon fiber personal monitor that fires upward toward the player.

Moses Carbon Graphite USA

Daft Max

This LED suit looks like the unholy spawn of Mad Max and Daft Punk.

Better Than Nothing

Oddities favorite Metasonix has made multiple appearances here in years past. Sadly, they have not been putting out anything new, and revolting as of late.

I will have to be satisfied with this simple addition to their modular synth.

  • Metasonix
  • 870 South Main Street, PMB 109
  • Lakeport CA 95453
  • (707) 263-5343

The Scream

JZ Mics had this eye-catching mic stand in their booth. It was created by the aptly named, Latvian artist DOUR.

JZ Microphones

The Mixtape To End All Tables

Or should that just be "the Mixtape End Table?"


For When You're Tired

In one of the unused booths I found this table made from an LED-illuminated chrome rim.

I have no idea who made it or why it was there but it was nice that there were some chairs placed around it for weary NAMM attendees.

wheel table

Guardian of the Velvet Rope

You are not going to get anything past this particular door man.

Profiles In History

Like Peanut Butter, Banana, and Bacon

This is the Elvis Sandwich of NAMM booth displays.

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine

Drive By

After the show closed, in the parking lot I came across this van for a questionably-named guitar company.

Their website sported the debatable statement, "If you don't like Vagina, you probably play keyboards."

Vagina Guitars

Three of a Perfect Pair

To finish up the NAMM Car Show, I present the Morgan Three Wheeler. Parked near the Vagina Guitars van, this served as a mental palate cleanser.

Morgan Motor Company

Tired of Getting Sand Kicked in Your Face?

Turn your hand into the Charles Atlas of hands with this system of five progressive stretchy disc things.

Powerfingers System5

The Most Tasteful of Home Furnishings

The only thing missing is a velvet painting of dogs playing poker.

Crescent Musical Instruments

Nano Banjineering

My Starbucks barista daughter was entranced by this nanobanjo.

Axe Heaven

This Band is Going to be Huge

Last year Bridgecraft had Hofnerzilla in their booth. I'll be looking for super-sized drums or keyboards next year.

Bridgecraft USA, Inc.

Desert Island Mic Stand

While a stick and some duct tape will do in a pinch, Galaxy had some more functional stands.

Their Standformer stands feature booms that slide into the vertical portion for a mic stand that collapses to a nice, tiny package.

I was impressed enough with these to pick up a couple after NAMM.

Galaxy Audio Inc.

Am I The Only One Who Hasn't Seen It?

It wasn't until well after NAMM that I realized that this unsettling character was from the current Disney film "Frozen."

The fact that I didn't recognize him provided me with a certain sense of kinship with aboriginal people who have not been exposed to the modern world.

The company that made this vaguely creepy animatronic creature has done work for everyone from Justin Bieber to Kiss. That's quite a range of clients.

  • flix FX
  • 7327 Lankershim Blvd., Ste 4
  • North Hollywood, CA 91605
  • (818) 765-3549
flix FX

Mr. Muffler & the Nocturnal Emissions

These band members are very reminiscent of the Muffler Art Men that can be found scattered around the country.

Aeson Event Technologies

Don't Let Your Eardrums Get Kilt

It's always good to have ear protection around but it's easy to lose those earplugs-on-a-string. LugPlugs incorporate those into lanyards with velcro so you can keep them around your neck or wrist.


Electrifying Packaging

While sipping an ├╝ber-expensive beer in Hall E, I met Muriel Anderson who showed me one of her new CDs.

As you can see in the video, when you press the moon the fireflies light up, the stars twinkle, and there's a shooting star.

Stealth Sound Reinforcement

I wouldn't suggest using these on a festival gig out in the woods.


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