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Square and Greasy?

So maybe that's not what they were thinking when they came up the White Castle grills for these cabinets, but that was my first thought. Then again, my documenting a decade of Oddities has somewhat skewed my perspective.

Boutique Music
920 N. Ridge Ave., Unit C-6
Lombard, IL 60148-1226
(630) 916-4404

Cruz White Castle amp


Silkyn Amplifier

Amplifier Art

The amp has been a long overlooked canvas in the world of music. They should think about using pieces from the old masters, so that you can have your very own Sistene Combo or Mona Half-Stack. That would be something a little classier than using the original cover from "Smell the Glove."

2339-B NE 127th Street
Seattle, WA 98125
(425) 273-5900


Paint 'Em All

Once you've got your amp dressed up, how can you resist doing the same to your guitar cases?

How can you not buy a case from a company called "Postal Monkey?"

Postal Monkey Cases
2307 W. Victory Blvd.
Burbank, Ca 91506
(818) 842-1700

Postal Monkey Cases



Aren't We Taking This a Little Too Far?

Now that we're on an artistic roll, why only do hard shell cases?

Ace Products
11 5th Street, #106
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 765-1500


Chopper Bag

Screw all those foo-foo pretty boy cases and stow your axe in something suitable for your next biker bar gig.

TKL Products Corp.
2551 Route 1200
P.O. Box 215
Oilville, VA 23129
(804) 749-8300

Chopper Bag




The name pretty well says it. This is a phaser with distortion. It's got the Rex Bogue name on it, but he's been dead for more than ten years. It appears that the company is producing products based on the designs by unsung-active-guitar-electronics-pioneer Rex Bogue.

Thanks to Barry Monroe for sending me a link to the site, there was no info about them at the show.

Rex Bogue Electronics


Wheelchair Guitar Stand

I thought it was a pretty cool idea to make a guitar stand that clamps onto the side of a wheelchair. You just have to be careful going through narrow doorways.

PL & H International, Inc.
13430 Alondra Blvd.
Cerritos, CA 90703
(877) 754-4681

Peak wheelchair guitar stand


Workinghorse Amplifier

Workinghorse Amp

I not real clear on how the name "Workinghorse" and hubcaps go together, but what the heck. They've got single-speaker "Pony" and a dual-speaker "Stallion" models. If you buy one, Visual Sound will throw in a one of their Jekyll & Hyde overdrive pedals for free.

Visual Sound LLC
4922 Port Royal Road, B-11
Spring Hill, TN 37174
(931) 487-9001


The Fin

Bob Heil has been busy with his dynamic mic renaissance. While quality dynamic mics are not all that odd, one housed in a retro-finned case with an internal phantom-powered blue LED is.

Heil Sound
(618) 257-3000

Heil Sound Fin Mic


Mic Thing

Mic Thing

I think the name could use work, but the "Mic Thing" is a pretty nice idea. It's a hinged metal housing that's filled with foam. Just the thing for some focused sound control.

SM Pro Audio
W25 Roberna Business Park
26-28 Roberna St, Moorabbin
Melbourne, Victoria 3189
+61 3 9555 8081


Snap Jack

Just like the Apple laptop power connectors, these magnetic 1/4" connectors will come apart under stress. Great if you or your bandmates are particularly clumsy.

Jodavi, Inc.
17316 Edward Rd. #105
Cerritos, CA 90703
(562) 677-1245

Snap Jack


Transpo Capo

Two In One

Cut down that annoying between-song double recapoing time with the Transpo Capo.

Transpo Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 53486
Irvine, CA 92619
(714) 719-4927


The Final Frontier

Not to be satisfied with producing custom knobs and pickgaurds, Q-Parts has transformed the lowly staplock into a work of art.

(213) 674-7346

Q-Parts Custom Straplocks


Home Brew Electronics Psilocybe


You can order any of Home Brew's stomp boxes in an array of custom paint jobs. They've also got quite a selection of knobs and if that's not enough for you, they've partnered with Q-Parts so you can even have tiny metal skulls for knobs.

Home Brew Electronics
(909) 790-2950

Home Brew Electronics FMJ


Duck's Stuff

The top picture shows a handy collapsible guitar workstand.

Below is a string winder that you can fit into a power drill for those times when you have to have the string wound now.

Duck's Deluxe
P.O.Box 35677-I
Las Vegas, NV 89133
(702) 878-4948

Duck's Deluxe


Stage Ninja

Stage Ninja

Finish your gig and get the hell out of there. When you're done just let the Stage Ninja reel the cable into the plastic housing and you're done. They've got 1/4" instrument cable and XLR mic cable models.

Stage Ninja
1060 North Capitol Ave., Ste. E350
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(866) 889-5782


Stowey's bags

Stowey's Bags

Cable management for the chronically disorganized. They were showing bags with pictures of the cable they should contain silk screened on the outside. They also had their new bags with a clear plastic side. I guess they didn't want to do artwork for every kind of cable out there.

Dan of All Trades
(510) 845-3628

Stowey's bags



This clever device gives you the ability to create a two-channel amp out of a single channel amp by plugging into one of the tube sockets. No amp surgery required.

Kasha Amplifiers
1464 Madera Road #N Suite 332
Simi Valley, CA 93065
(818) 584-2299




Self Tuning Guitar

I believe that this was at the NAMM show last year but it's one of those things that I missed. I was impressed enough to include it in this year's Oddities. This system doesn't require any modifications to your guitar at all. The motorized tuners on the headstock get their power via the strings themselves.

Tronical GmbH
Alsterdorfer Strasse 50b
D-22299 Hamburg, Germany
+49 (40) 37 08 52 22 - 0


Simple Guitar Stand

This is one of those slap-yourself-in-the-forehead why-didn't-I-think-of-that kind of ideas. They've even cut little slits in it for convenient pick storage.

Gig Gear International
(204) 293-7320

Strutt Stand


Pigtronix Echolution


Pigtronix has made it into the Oddities a couple of times in the past, and not just because of their name. Their latest, the Echolution, is sort of like the Roland Space Echo in the sense that you have taps in multiples of the main tap tempo. What's different (other than not using tape) is that you can switch in taps at will, thereby allowing you to mix eighths and triplets together.

200 Wilson St., Unit C-2
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
(631) 331-7447



This simple tone knob replacement uses fourteen separate capacitors selectable with stepped knob. Instead of just attenuating this highs, they changes the corner frequency of the high end rolloff at each selection.

P.O. Box 540
Jacksonville, OR 97530
(541) 779-8663

Tone Styler


Axe Guardz

Axe Guardz

This pickguard is composed of a layer of polyethylene between two layers of aluminum. With the RF coming off all the microprocessors around recording studios these days, any extra shielding is a good thing.

AxeGuardz Technology
1100 Deer Trail Rd.
Boulder, CA 80302
(805) 708-2626


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