Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2016 Edition

Packrat Barry

Other Goodies


In principle, I wish they'd left the knobs unlabeled.


it's hard to top Guitardämmerung for a pedal name. The effect does sound something like the end of the world.

It's All in the Name

I like the artwork on the Undertow but "Bufferlo" is definitely in the running for best pedal name.

Next Contestant Please

"Ram the Manparts" is a solid pedal name contender.

Honorable Mention

Kliptonite was clever enough to make the list. They also seem to have found a unique visual "voice" for their pedal artwork.

Sticking Things With Holes in Holes

Keeler has several products that can fill your acoustic guitar sound hole and prevent feedback.

Knobs for the Hearing Impaired

If you are actually stone deaf, these lighted knobs would make this guitar amp quite accessible.

The Holy Trinity

The three biggest issues that a guitarist faces are:

1) Where do I set my guitar?
2) Where do I put my drink?
3) Where the hell did my pick go?

This product solves all three.

Acoustic Guitar Fistula

Yes, you can have a bluetooth speaker in your acoustic guitar.

A Real Plexi

Why own a Marshall with a tiny bit of plexiglass while you can have the whole thing?

Fine Furniture

Here's an amp that will look at home on maple armoir.

…in Fact, it's a Gas!

This amp makes about as much sense as the lyrics to "Jumping Jack Flash."

As Rare As…

The latest entry in the never-ending quest to improve the guitar pick, I present the Chicken Pick.


Rough Around the Edges

Apparently these picks are not for refined company.

The Internet of Things

This bluetooth-enabled guitar pick tracks the speed and pressure of your picking so you can get metrics for your practice sessions.

This newest entry into the IoT has me contemplating that if your crock pot can be hacked, something like a guitar pick could be next.

Virtual Jeff

This is a pitch shift controller that you can add to any guitar for use with your favorite pitch changing device.

I can't imagine what famous whammy bar-playing guitarist they could possibly be referring to with this product name.

Fump & Fretwraps

Occasionally I'll buy products off the NAMM floor and these were two of them. I've already used both of these for several recording sessions. The Fump creates a muted bass sound without having to palm mute the strings. The Fretwraps prevent open guitar strings from ringing.

Pocket Marshall

I'm going to guess that the frequency response of this tiny travel amp isn't as flat as the amp itself.

Power Lines

This is a clever system that uses three-conductor cables and sends power down the (normally) unused wire. It will power P3-compatible pedals but can also provide breakout power for standard pedals.

I Expect to be Proven Wrong Again

And here I thought that every part of the guitar had been accessorized.

Standing Out in a Crowd

The boutique pedal market has gotten so crowded that it's difficult to stand out. Rainger has figured out a way.

Overt Ops

NAMM might be the wrong place for a top secret prototype.

No More Sharpie on Duct Tape

Not only will you look more professional, but you'll lose fewer road cases with these custom case labels.

Next Up: Percussion

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