Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2016 Edition

Packrat Barry

You Figure It Out

None More Analog

This is really more of an art project than a commercial one. This tremolo is powered by a candle that drives a Stirling Engine and powered photovoltaic cells.

  • ZVEX
  • P.O. Box 1651
  • Minneapolis, MN 55416
  • (952) 285-9545

Go Ask Alice

I think that this Alice would give Grace Slick nightmares even with her head resting on her surrealistic pillow.


Let's Go Furniture Shopping, Honey

Something tells me you're not going to be putting that amp in the living room like you've been wanting to do.


Leo's Chaise Lounge

This furniture purchase just might make it past your significant other.


The Gizmotron

Serrated spinning rubber discs are pressed down and when they contact the strings it produces kind of a bowing sound. Think of it as a mechanical EBow.

Seeking Stationary Roadrunner

Maybe if Wyle E. Coyote used a Latch Lake stand to suspend his anvil (instead of that Acme crap) he could have scored dinner.


No Fuss, No Muss

The GaffGun is a brilliant little device for taping down cables.

A Different Sort of Strap On

Hiring some destitute person to wear this suit would still leave them strapped for cash.


Bringing Sexy Back

…by way of piece of Hollow Fiber Foamresin Compound.


Like a Monkey, But Worse

Nothin reminds you of your mortality like a skull on your back.


Monday Morning Desk

The failed promise of the paperless office.


Band or Cosplay?



An Unlikely Appearance

Seeing a Wordpress booth at NAMM created a different sort of WTF moment for me. I deal with Wordpress all the time and it's produced a healthy dislike.


The Fez Sez It




Calzone has solved the problem of dreary flight cases that you didn't know you had.


A Little Breezy

I've got the smaller Nissan NV van, and mine has both sides intact.


Jeepers Creepers

No, really, I'd like to know where you got them.


A Joke of the Practical Sort

This resin-as-coffee gag was to promote the utility of keyboard covers but I'd like to have one just to mess with friends.


Big Band

I think that Bridgecraft is planning on fielding a truly big band. Two years ago they had a giant Flying V guitar and in 2009 an enormous Hoffner bass. Within the next couple of years I'm expecting a drum kit.


One-Upping Marshall

This Twin goes to 11-hundred. I think Fender and Bridgecraft need to collaborate.


You've Been Warned

Diagonal stripes typically denote a warning of some sort, as if that general outfit wasn’t warning enough.


Perfect Spokesman

The products from Apora are large, red, and have a lot of components inside them too.


Like Wolverine

Except made of plastic, removable, and non-lethal. Other than that they're just the same.


Sticky Mirror

Yeah, this was a little odd, but really I used it as an opportunity for an old school selfie. Just wanted to show off the beard I started growing right after the previous NAMM Show.


I Guess it's an Asian Thing

The color of these light-up, hand-held fan sticks can be remote-controlled to create synchronized colors in the audience.


A Welcome Sight

Coming up on the end of the day on Saturday, this was a very welcome sight.


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